Royal Mail asks CWU to call off Christmas postal strike

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Royal Mail has written to the CWU to say that if the union provides a binding commitment to remove the threat of a Christmas postal strike, Royal Mail will enter into discussions without preconditions.

Royal Mail will also extend the life of the ballot result by the same amount of time as the pause on industrial action. The Company is hopeful that the CWU will agree so Royal Mail can continue to deliver the best possible service to its customers during this vital time of year

Royal Mail emphasise that the recent ballot result for industrial action does not necessarily mean that industrial action will take place.

The question now is whether offering no preconditions to the CWU with an extended life of the ballot will be enough for the CWU to remove the threat of strikes over the Black Friday and Christmas period. Every major strike the CWU has called on the national post network for the past two decades has been during the run up to Christmas – it’s the time of year during which a strike will have not just the most impact but also the most emotional effect on the general public.

This news is also an admittance by Royal Mail that, unlike two years ago when mediation dragged on into the new year, this time the CWU have been prepared for mediation and with an accelerated timetable put into place before the ballot are in a position to call a Christmas postal strike should they wish to.

“If the CWU agrees to rule out industrial action for the remainder of the calendar year – a critical time for our customers, we will commit to holding open discussions with no preconditions aimed at resolving the dispute.”
– Ricky McAulay, National Service Delivery Director, Royal Mail

26 Responses

  1. Too little too late from Royal Mail. The CWU hold its nerve until management make proper assurances.

  2. Well its the royal mail that is not honouring the agreement that it made with the work force it should stick by the agreement and then theres no dispute ,the work force has stuck by the agreement why dont they .

  3. As a retired postman its about time Royal Mail kept to their side of the agreement, this is not the first time we have been let down.So come on Royal Mail keep to whats agreed, that way your keep loyal staff.Don’t ruin Royal Mail anymore by splitting it up enough is enough.

  4. we the work force have kept our end of the bargain, its royal mail that have not, all royal mail have to do is honor the agreement they made in 2018 and none of this would ever have happened, the blame lies squarely at royal mail’s door

  5. I see any strike action being ruled illegal by the courts now you have the election. Postal ballots can not be delayed. Election postings must go ahead by law.

    You’ll have to put your grievances to one side until the new year. Thankfully that means eBay sellers won’t be shafted by trade unions during the life line of Christmas sales. And which trade union is going to be allowed to go on strike during an election campaign anyway? Yeah, exactly.

  6. Let’s keep to the plan, don’t trust royal mail management now they have their deal in place.

  7. Thats right no strike through Christmas period makes profits look good hence shares will increase so i wonder who gains there rico

  8. Agree that RM have rescinded on their promises…. but a Xmas strike will hurt Royal mail asa business more than just those at the top. Businesses will go elsewhere and RM profits will tumble…. i think you get the picture.
    No business can survive when it’s customers go elsewhere.
    Think smart posties… punish management at xmas or in the new year… it is all the same, just the cost to you that is different.

  9. They obviously need a short sharp shock whatever the time of year.
    Rico just will not listen or engage …its now or never
    I’m so so mad at those henries at the top….sod the courts I’d make it
    unofficial action if only I could

  10. I,ve worked at royal mail for 19 years and backed strike action every time, the last 2 years have been terrible with useless managers and doms treating people like shite, I just hope the CWU do not back down like in the past.

  11. We all know what will happen. Royal Mail will treat their posties like kind leading up to Christmas, then in the New Year treat us like lepers. Let them at the top have the worry.

  12. Striking will not be illegal.
    Non-striking posties and managers will deliver election related material.

  13. So Royal Mail will only talk if we hold of Industrial Action til after 2019? Come the New Year, the mail volumes will be low and the management will just allow us to go out on strike with no loss to the major Shareholders…
    Do they really think that we were born yesterday? If they seriously want to keep to their side of the agreement and Royal Mail are confident of this then get round the table now and prove to us you are. The management know that they can mess us about and try and delay Industrial Action which, to me, shows that they are not willing to do any real talking…

  14. Because people aren’t willing to stand up for themselves they have zero hour contracts etc, we cannot let this happen in our business. Hopefully we won’t have to strike, but if we do the reason for it can be laid at royal mail’s door, all we and the union want is that agreements are adhered too, and that where it exists bullying ceases.

  15. Now is the time to strike we need a strong union and I believe we have one it’s not just about pay but many other issues and we can’t let RMg get away with it any more .we rise again

  16. So RM staff will strike. And some of the RM customers will bypass the strike by using other services.
    Don’t expect those customers back.

    Oh look, less need for post staff due to less work. Unless you move to the courier companies who will be happy to take the work you were doing.

    Deal with your bosses in your own way. Don’t expect sympathy when you are trying to cost people in other businesses their jobs.
    Your bosses won’t lose their jobs over reduction in work. You will.

  17. Yeah well ive waited Nearly over a week for my items still not turned up suppose to be here by Saturday just gone and still no sign of them and they dont ring the bell just leave the flaming red card on the floor when u just open the door they drive off dont give u a chance at all to open the door this what gets me mad my right address and flat number is on the parcels Just them being akward and trying to accuse not being in when u are in if they cant see my door bell blind as bat


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