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The ChannelAdvisor eBay Promoted Listings support offers you the ability to not only to manage your campaigns but also to optimise them to maximise on your return on investment. ChannelAdvisor are the first multichannel management tool to offer this service.

It’s easy to set up eBay Promoted Listings on eBay itself, but how do you know what rates to bid, how effective you campaigns are, when to increase your bid rates to boost exposure and when to lower them because you could get the same results for a lower spend? ChannelAdvisor can handle all this and more without even having to log into the eBay site.

“At ChannelAdvisor we understand how important it is to have a single platform that can help you upscale across countries or channels. We have built this integration as it is part of our goal to offer a robust platform that enables our clients to manage all aspects of their marketplaces, digital marketing or where to buy from a central platform.”
– ChannelAdvisor

With eBay changing the way that promoted listings appear in search results, it will become even harder to judge where in search results your listings are appearing, whether your organic listing or eBay promoted listings is displayed, and how effective your campaigns are. There appears to be little doubt that eBay Promoted Listings can boost sales, but eBay themselves don’t have robust tools to monitor effectiveness and know when to increase or decrease bids and it can take months to judge the effect a bid rate or new campaign has. That’s where ChannelAdvisors automation really comes into it’s own.

ChannelAdvisor eBay Promoted Listings Features

ChannelAdvisor clients do not need to juggle between interfaces or invest in building the integration themselves.

  • In a single platform you can quickly boost item visibility and raise brand awareness
  • Automatically discover your best performing promoted listings rate to optimize your campaigns and reduce wasted spend. The discover best rate feature alone saves from manually testing and comparing reporting time frames that typically took months to gather sufficient data previously. Now that can all be done in a matter of weeks and continuously tests and optimizes for the best rate.
  • Save time by automatically adding and removing items from campaigns when they meet thresholds that you configure in the ChannelAdvisor platform.
  • Save time by managing multiple locales in the same platform and gain access easily to insights and reports.
  • If clients come on board with the ChannelAdvisor managed service they have access to experts that understand both marketplaces and digital marketing


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