Shopify launches monthly guidance series, The Founder’s Zodiac

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Shopify have just announced the launch of a monthly series called The Founder’s Zodiac but it’s nothing to do with planet alignments. The new series provides entrepreneurs with stories, insights, and guidance for their particular founder type. Research conducted by Shopify has found some interesting patterns from the million business owners using the platform.

Founder types usually fall into one of the five groups listed below:

  • The growth-minded Mountaineer.
  • The plucky Trailblazer.
  • The always-be-prepared Cartographer.
  • The risk-taking Firestarter.
  • Steady Outsider.

Your The Founder’s Zodiac type could tell you a lot about the different areas of opportunity available for your strengths. Shopify will consult their data to offer insight and recommendations that will give you every opportunity for success. You can find out which type group you fall into and sign up for the monthly series here.

Shopify announces a strong Fourth-Quarter

Shopify have had a spectacular year and a notable fourth quarter with $505.2 million total revenue, a 47% increase from the comparable quarter in 2018.

“Shopify’s merchants had a tremendous fourth quarter, powered by our ongoing efforts to help them sell more and manage their businesses more effectively,”

“Our investments to enhance our product offerings and expand internationally are attracting entrepreneurs worldwide and helping them succeed, as demonstrated by strong GMV growth in 2019. In 2020, we will continue to invest in our portfolio of growth initiatives to better serve merchants and energize the flywheel well into the future.”
– Amy Shapero, CFO, Shopify

Last year Shopify introduced some new features and enhanced platform functionality to allow more merchants around the world to launch businesses and sell more, efficiently. Merchants have been able to reap all benefits from entrepreneurship throughout the Shopify ecosystem. Its no surprise that after such a great 2019 shopify are making continuous efforts to aid the growth and success of entrepreneurs that use their platform.


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