100 Free eBay listings, max £1 selling fees for Business Sellers

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eBay are offering 100 free eBay listings with a capped final value fee of just £1 for invited business sellers to support them in listing more inventory on the site. If you are invited, you have a week to get the listings live but you have to activate the promotion first.

We would suggest that you use the promotion to list your most expensive stock on the site. There is no point having fees capped at £1 for an item selling for a tenner with 10% final value fees – use the promotion to list items that will sell for £100 or more if you can where you’d normally pay over £10 final value fees to see some real savings.

There have been complaints from Business Seller on eBay that the free eBay listings were all going to new businesses that had never sold on the site before, but now it’s your turn, so if you have an invitation make sure you use it. We’re hoping that if this initiative is successful and enough sellers add new inventory to the site which converts and generates sales that we’ll be seeing repeats of this free eBay listings offer – We know plenty of you business sellers will appreciate it and have in the past complained that this type of incentive was aimed at Private Sellers, but in this time of crisis eBay want to put support directly to businesses like yours.

Free eBay listings announcement

Hello business sellers,
As part of our ongoing efforts to support eBay businesses during these unprecedented times, we’re inviting established business sellers to take part in a 7-day listing promotion from 20 April.
We’re sending out invitations by email but you can also click the following link to see if you’re eligible to activate the promotion: Click here to activate your invitation
Simply activate the offer from the invitation or from the links in this post and start listing. There will be no listing fees on up to 100 items listed before 11.59 pm on the 26 April. Business sellers taking part will only pay a maximum of £1 Final value fees on each of those items sold within 30 days of listing.
eBay Listing Week promo is by invitation only and certain category restrictions as well as promotion Terms & Conditions will apply.

Your eBay Team

28 Responses

  1. A welcomed surprise for once for Business sellers. Naturally I had just listed a bunch of more expensive stuff so that was all ended and relisted.
    It has been a very regular thing for private account for a long time now.
    As the are not giving proper estimates for post I have gone back to 24 hour and put a 3 day dispatch up so will lose TRS but of course shipping ASAP, so anything to save a couple of quid.

  2. 100 free listings???

    They’re treating those same way as UK Gov treats the PPE… Very precious things. Do not waste. Save Lives.

    Ohh, invited sellers only… what a joke. Our last eBay invoice is £2700 yet we’ve been not invited.

  3. What about multi quantity listings ? do we know if they count, I cant seem to find any information regarding this.

    Either way, £1 max fees for business sellers is LONG overdue!

  4. Usual glitterati of eBay sellers invited no doubt, meanwhile in the real world the rest of us slog along paying thousands of pounds in EBay fees and receiving nothing in return. No selling offers, no real CS help and now no site visibility without paying for item promotion. A twenty year EBay customer- thanks – clearly I’m not worthy.

  5. @Alan- quite right. But as ever- where is my selling offer? Why don’t I ever get the invite? Why wasn’t I ever invited to eBay concierge? It goes both ways.
    Good to see you posting again ?

  6. Well were utterly ungrateful
    In reality it will cost ebay nothing
    Thousands of extra listings on the platform a large number of those will not sell within 30 Days
    full fees will then apply
    Many will have various promotional fees etc,

    Its not philanthropy its business

  7. Strangely we have not been invited though when we click the link In the announcement we are accepted
    We will watch our invoice with interest

  8. I think what’s need now is an extension to delivery times for Royal Mail on ebay. Even with setting longer dispatch times sellers, like me, are being overwhelmed with emails from customers asking where orders are, so not only are we busy trying to get orders out we are busy answering pointless questions that could easily be solved by ebay right now.

  9. @Jonah
    Your man Alan may be right, as my store was not active from 25th March till the 18th April.
    I never normally get any incentives but got this one, and some £15 credit also for some reason on the account.

  10. As a private seller, ebay have turned off the taps for the £1 offers……they were very frequent and needed…..in this Brexit world, and no this Covidian Brexit world. My sales have dried up, even items listed at £1 each just get watchers, i dont even bother with he high priced items…..ebay do not earn their fees so i would rather not pay them any more than £1 in fees. The more expensive items can wait til they start to offer fee deals to the private sellers.

    And of course, if I do not sell, I do not buy packing supplies from the business sellers, so you do need us smaller private sellers.

    On on the UK postage issue, when you pring postage from Royal Mail direct you now get 7 days to post items (well done Royal Mail) before the label is invalid. But typically if you print a postage label via Packlink, it is next day still….why?

    Remember when i said ebay dont earn their fees, this is another example. They are rubbish and cannot even keep up and match the service changes of one of the biggest postal firms.

    I dont know who s in charge of ebay uk, but they need a right good kick up the backside folowed by swiftly being replaced by me, or someone else who uses ebay.

  11. Check your account fees. Used the link to list 100 items. Sold a few already. Checked our account fees. Item sold for £34.99 charged final value fee of £4.20. Checked the rest of sold listings that we used the link for and all charged at full fees.

  12. Hi,
    I received an invoice for April and they charged me full final value fees instead of £1, Does anyone else have the same exact problem?

  13. Hi I am having the same fee problem, usually it would say PROMO next to it.

  14. Yes the 100 free listings appear to be charged at the FULL rate we have had no credits or anything. Your 20 mins wait on the phone


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