eBay NHS Portal to supply PPE across the UK with DHSC

eBay NHS Portal to supply PPE across the UK with DHSC eBay PPE Portal eBay NHS PPE Portal

When the Army, NHS and Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) came calling, looking for a partner to build a platform to distribute PPE across the nation, eBay immediately stepped up to the plate to deliver an eBay NHS Portal in record time. It was announced in today’s Government Coronavirus briefing by General Sir Nicholas Carter standing alongside First Secretary Dominic Raab.

The new eBay NHS Portal to supply PPE to non-acute health providers will provide primary care and social care providers with access to PPE for free at the point of order from NHS Supply Chain and already 42,000 pieces of PPE have been delivered in the pilot phase.

This is of course eBay’s expertise, but it’s an area the NHS are lacking. Accustomed to delivering PPE to hospitals, they simply didn’t have the logistics (thank you to the Armed Forces), the distribution (thank you Clipper and Royal Mail) and the technology (thank you eBay) in place to deliver to maybe 50,000 care providers across the country. It’s immensely encouraging to see what’s often been dubbed ‘The Worlds Favourite Marketplace’ step up in the UK’s hour of need, bringing their incredible expertise to support our NHS.

Within a days of eBay being enlisted to support the NHS, a bespoke eBay NHS Portal had been created, which allows an NHS database of healthcare workers to log in and ‘order’ for a limited range of non-acute PPE via the NHS Catalogue. The PPE items are being supplied by NHS Supply Chain via the Clipper Group and despatched via Royal Mail.

“We are hugely grateful to frontline staff working tirelessly to save lives across the country, and it is absolutely vital they receive the PPE they need.
Since the start of the outbreak, we’ve delivered over a billion pieces of PPE to the frontline, but we recognise more still needs to be done.
This is why I’m delighted to be partnering with eBay to pilot a new online portal which offers an additional route for health and social care workers to access PPE.”

– Jo Churchill, Health Minister

The eBay NHS Portal pilot is now in the final stage of testing and is being reviewed on a daily basis, and will be scaled in phases to ensure technical updates can be applied ‘in real time’. The portal uses eBay Marketplace technology that has been developed over 25 years of connecting buyers and sellers, and which is used in the UK alone by 300,000 small and medium sized businesses.

“We were asked by the NHS and other partners to deliver technical expertise and resources to address the pressing issue of PPE supply. eBay software engineers from around the world, including at our sites in Portland in the US, Berlin in Germany and here in the UK, have been working round the clock to get this live and I’m delighted that we are now up and running with the pilot. It’s important that we all do what we can to help the NHS at this critical time, we are excited to be a part of this.”
– Rob Hattrell, Vice President, eBay UK

eBay’s role is to build the platform to allow NHS bodies to request it, and is providing this service free of charge to the NHS.

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I have come over all warm and fuzzy Ebay really has a soul Thank you ebay!

Jim • 22nd April 2020 •

@ Awesome Jim I told you so ............. :)

Alan Paterson • 22nd April 2020 •

'I have come over all warm and fuzzy' Hopefully a large part of the UK population will now feel the same about Ebay once word gets around.

Al • 23rd April 2020 •

Steady on alan You will be expecting me to attend mass next

Jim • 23rd April 2020 •

Bravo Ebay !!! And big Thank You from me and my colleagues at the GRI. GZ

Gabriela • 22nd April 2020 •

Well done EBay. I’ve not typed that on this forum for many a month.

Jonah • 23rd April 2020 •

Amazing Work from eBay. Absolutely super stuff

Sinead • 23rd April 2020 •

Apparently it is already over 2 weeks later than promised and is causing ‘Overwhelming angst’ amongst health and care providers https://www.hsj.co.uk/finance-and-efficiency/exclusive-overwhelming-angst-over-delay-to-ebay-built-ppe-website/7027449.article

Terry Patrick • 23rd April 2020 •

The headline on that article is bollocks misquoting the article itself which says the angst and emotion is around PPE, not any supposed delays to the website (which quite frankly hardly anyone in the country knew was coming anyway!) Also think about the time line: When did the crisis start? Mid March! When was the website supposed to "launch"? Early April and it did but in pilot phase! It was always intended to have a pilot period! How long did it take eBay to build it? A matter of days! Would you stick a website intended to serve 50,000 businesses live to them all the day it was built without testing? No. Is it ready to start rolling out? Yes About time people stopped complaining that no one saw a global pandemic coming and start recognising a lot of people (including eBay) are mobilising as rapidly as possible and no one has a magic wand to wave!

Chris Dawson • 23rd April 2020 •

Chris Dawson Dont worry they are a small minority of political fanatics looking for trouble We can all see that what Ebay has done, what the military has done, the NHS, the NHS procurement, the Government procurement and everyone involved have been amazing and worked tirelessly. I dont think the people could have come together quicker and if we count the successes and listen to the military logistics team Its an easy target to point out any gaps, especially as the focus must change as soon as you fix one issue. An awful lot of achievement in a few short weeks transforming a centralised distribution to distributed and Ebay have created their website in short order

John Little • 23rd April 2020 •

Hate to be the only one to crap on this lovefest, but do we know if ebay took payment for this? and if so, how much? by the spec of what's needed, i probably could have knocked this website out in an afternoon on shopify for free, and i'm by no means a coding expert. you can knock up a full website yourself in a day if the required resources are provided, if you limit that to only 50k potential customers, with accounts pre-setup, a limited number of products, and no payment required.... well it just sounds easy now.

james • 23rd April 2020 •

@ James ...... awwwwwww ......... I am disappointed - you have missed the point. :(

alan paterson • 23rd April 2020 •

then by all means explain alan. ebay made a website? big whoop. in fact the website setting out the spec for the website ebay built probably took longer to build, maybe that's the point?

james • 23rd April 2020 •

"eBay’s role is to build the platform to allow NHS bodies to request it, and is providing this service free of charge to the NHS." I just love people who make a point and then find that they didn't read the article they are commenting about, in full!

Chris • 23rd April 2020 •

@ Chris and you're absolutely certain that little addendum on the end was there when i read and commented?

james • 23rd April 2020 •

James that "addendum" as you call it was there when the article was published. Feel free to check internet caches or RSS feeds if you don't believe me. No point trying to shift the blame for your, what has been rather of late, disruptive attitude. First the nurses, now eBay, what's next? Actually don't answer that, just count to 10 before you post your next comment and ask yourself are you being helpful or disruptive.

Chris Dawson • 23rd April 2020 •

@ James. keeping it simple - Its the thought that counts. Thats the point. it doesn't matter if you can do it better or how simple it is. the fact that the effort has been made by ebay is what counts. If it benefits NHS - even better! It just goes to illustrate my point about many sellers on here turning EVERY initiative that ebay take into a negative. I get that not everything ebay do can be seen as positive but how could this be seen as anything but a good thing? No, I think I was right the first time ........ you have completely missed the point.

alan paterson • 23rd April 2020 •

Ehh first of all, when exactly was I attacking nurses? "...and now eBay?" Omg how dare anyone dare criticise eBay on an eBay forum. Clearly I'm in the wrong place. Think you'll find this ain't the first time I've criticized eBay, so save your fake outrage. Weird of you to chime in now to call out my "disruptive attitude", you seem to have no issue with people who's entire comment reads "ARSEHOLE" Without needing to say a thing. Guess you consider that helpful? Next time I'll count to ten, then find another forum. Been turning increasingly into a paid-for eBay ad anyway,withh comments by fanatics having a circle jerk, how dare I express a different viewpoint or opinion?

James • 23rd April 2020 •

Your comment here wasn't exactly positive to a nurse... because you jumped in without reading the article... just like this time. As for chiming in on your comment... you personally addressed me asking if I had edited the article. Don't ask if you don't want a reply.

Chris Dawson • 23rd April 2020 •

That's your idea of an attack is it? Seriously? That's pathetic Chris. "Your comment wasn't kind." Was it "unkind"? No. Was it even toward the nurse? No. It was a tongue in cheek joke about how close they were on the photo. I genuinely couldn't care. I did read the article, it doesn't say the two people in the photo live together anywhere. Does it? It mentions her husband works for DPD, not that he'll be the one doing the deliveries or is the one in the picture. "First nurses now eBay..." ? Na, don't think so.

James • 23rd April 2020 •

And no, I didn't question you personally, unless you comment incognito on your own site as merely "Chris" to take a sarcastic pop at commenters.

James • 23rd April 2020 •

@ James. to be honest I find some of your comments "unkind" but I'm not going to sling any mud here because I have been accused of being same and even "rude" on here. (I don't mean to be). Maybe its just the way some posts come across. I do find that the general attitude on here is overwhelmingly negative towards the platform. But - as regards criticising ebay - I don't find that you stand out as being worse than any of the other negative ninnys on here. Sorry Im being rude again............ But don't change forums. I would miss you. Some of your posts are funny (I'm not sure if you intend that). Im digging a hole......im off to watch a re-run of General Hospital.

Alan Paterson • 23rd April 2020 •

@ Alan With all due respect, a lot of my comments to you have been deliberately abusive, and almost always in retort to mud you slung first. I'm sarcastic, I make jokes, not everyone will get them, but I sure as hell don't go round attacking nurses (plural, never mind one). And I ain't on eBay's payroll, so I feel no need to blow smoke up their ass constantly either. Yes it's nice they made a website for the NHS. was it difficult, was it a lot of effort? Does it need a parade? No, it's just cheap and easy PR for eBay. And I didn't turn it into a negative, as you say. I asked a question and pointed out that making a simple website isn't a big job for one person, let alone a multi-million international internet company.

James • 23rd April 2020 •

@ James you see? this is exactly what I mean. topical "colourful" posts from you that are as good a read as anything in the National Enquirer. Don't go to another forum. if everyone agreed with me (almost no one does!) the world would be a boring place (albeit far more profitable and organised place). I am not sure what to say to your acknowledgement that you have been intentionally abusive to me on Tamebay. If you want to abuse me at least have the courtesy of doing it in person. With the social isolation though I don't think I can take you up on your offer at this time and I have a girlfriend at the moment. Maybe next year? Lets revisit.........

alan paterson • 23rd April 2020 •

for christ sake who cares how easy it was ebay did the right thing they helped the NHS ebay needs to be applauded !

jim • 24th April 2020 •

This PPE thing is mad and NHS procurement must be absolutely shocking, it is good eBay have done this. Time is of the essence and this saga has dragged on for weeks with normal Tory waffle. By the looks of things we are all going to need it soon also. My wife's cousin has been buying the stuff from the UK and selling it in his country to the forces over there he distributed it and everything been at it for weeks. We do actually have the stuff being made here there has to be a proper gateway to get it to where it needs to go and maybe Amazon could provide logistics as they owe enough back to the UK as they have taken plenty out.

SAM • 23rd April 2020 •

Well done eBay for a change. Any support for our fantastic NHS staff is great news.

trumpton • 23rd April 2020 •

I have a supplier who can supply PPE like masks and gloves in bulk

Riaz • 24th April 2020 •

Is this the same eBay that curtailed our listings for our reasonably priced top quality sanitiser for no other reason than we did not appear on their elusive white list thus denying buyers access to a fair priced product when many outrageously priced products are still being sold on their platform. There is no recourse, no appeal, no way of giving access to our Swiss manufactured product. Thank you to Amazon for seeing sense and allowing us to offer it for sale on their platform.

Peter • 24th April 2020 •

@ Peter, no. that sounds like a completely different ebay to me.

Alan Paterson • 28th April 2020 •