Pre-register for eBay managed payments invitation emails start to arrive

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Some eBay Sellers have now started to receive emails informing them that they are among the first who can now pre-register for eBay managed payments. If you haven’t had an email this afternoon then don’t worry – it simply means that you’re not in the first tranche of sellers to be invited to register.

If you have received an email then the pre-register for eBay managed payments allows you to get your business ready early, however nothing will change until mid to late July at the earliest.

You can pre-register in a few simple steps, including verifying your business information and providing a bank account. The information you provide eBay will allow them to send your payouts and comply with know-your-customer obligations. You will be able to track your pre-registration progress on the Payments tab in Seller Hub.

How do I find out the fees?

If invited, before you pre-register, you’ll get access to see the fee structure for eBay managed payments. Once you have pre-registered, eBay will send you further details to prepare your business. eBay will activate you on managed payments starting late July, but nothing will change until then in how you manage your business on eBay. As many have pointed out, sooner or later you’ll be forced to migrate to managed payments so if you want to find out how it’ll affect your business then the only way to discover the details is to pre-register for eBay managed payments.

Some interesting snippets from the eBay Help pages

What do buyers experience with managed payments?

Managed payments gives your buyers a larger selection of payment options, such as credit cards, debit cards, Google Pay and PayPal. We’ll also be offering Apple Pay as a payment option on iPhone and iPad. This will all be done through eBay without you needing separate accounts to accept these payment methods. They also have the option to save and store their card information for future use. Their experience will be similar to that of other online retailers. All payment options offered by eBay that are compatible with the buyer’s device or browser will automatically show up during checkout.

Can I use PayPal Working Capital (PPWC)?

We want to make sure that your transition to eBay managed payments is as smooth as possible. If you have existing business loans, including PayPal Working Capital loans, you can still enable managed payments with eBay. We advise you to reach out to PayPal to discuss your options. Many additional options for working capital loans and business financing solutions are available to manage your existing business debt in a way that is compatible with eBay managed payments.

When and how will I receive my payouts?

When eBay manages payments, payouts are sent directly to your bank account, eliminating the need to transfer funds from PayPal. We consistently initiate payouts to seller bank accounts within two business days of an order confirmation, regardless of the buyer’s payment method. You can schedule weekly or daily payouts to your bank account, as funds are available.

Will I need to update my listings after signing up for managed payments?

No. Once enabled existing listings will be automatically updated, to reflect the different ways buyers can pay. Any listings that violate our policies will be automatically ended.

What if I am interested and I have not received a notification yet?

You can express your interest in being enabled for managed payments here. Expressing your interest indicates that you’re interested in the new managed payments experience – it does not enable you for it or select you to be in the first group of sellers to have their payments managed by eBay.
– eBay

24 Responses

  1. Jesus. the amount of doublespeak coming out of eBay these days they should be ashamed of themselves. more likely they’re proud of it.

    “Can I use PayPal Working Capital (PPWC)?”
    – that’s an awful lot of words for a two letter answer – “no.”

    “What do buyers experience with managed payments?”
    same as before, plus google pay, which we could have added at any time without the need for all this ebay managed payments stuff.

    and they wonder why people don’t trust them. how hard is it to give a bloody straight answer while trying to convince people to trust you with their money?
    such a shady, shady lot.

  2. I would like to know why eBay does not want to disclose the fees. Surely, they will be the same for everyone?

  3. I’m trying to remember the last time Ebay launched something succesfully first time…. and I’ve drawn a blank. I can’t actually remember when that was! So, NO, I’m not going to sign up just yet…

  4. @ Chris Dawson.

    Do you know something you are not telling us Chris?

    That should get the conspiracy theorists going mate!


  5. I got mine through and as Chris said, you might be pleasantly surprised – the fees appear to be simply the Final Value Fee + 30p. I will use the Everything Else category to compare rates.

    Last year we used to pay 11% FVF + 1.9% PayPal + 20p PayPal, total 12.9% + 20p – as we were in the right bracket for merchant rates.

    This year we’re paying 11% FVF + 2.9% PayPal + 30p PayPal, total 13.9% + 30p.

    The fees shown by eBay after following the link indicates a 12.9% FVF + 30p and it appears no other fees.

    So this looks to be 1% lower than continuing with PayPal, almost getting us back to our merchant rates of last year except for the 30p instead of 20p per transaction fee.

    So this looks a lot better than what we saw of the early rates shared in the USA, and will be cheaper for us now, although we were just about to get to the Tiered rates with PayPal that would probably balance it out.

  6. Useful to see Nick’s fees, so thanks for sharing, indeed they look to be better than expected.

    We’ve not yet been invited to the eBay Managed Payments so have a couple of queries, but you may not have the answers yet:

    1) I wonder if the fees will be the same for all sellers, like PayPal has become lately, or whether it will be tiered based on the level of sales per month, like PayPal used to be?

    2) Wonder if the new fees will vary depending on the territory of the buyer? Currently with PayPal, with UK buyers we get charged 2.9% plus 30p whereas with an Australian buyer it’s more like 4.5% plus 30p.


  7. I wouldn’t trust eBay any further than I could vomit them.
    I applied for the fee deferred program. I was accepted. The terms were, and this is pasted from their reply: “50% of deferred Covered Fees will be billed as part of the 15 May 2020 invoice and the remaining 50% as part of the 15 June 2020 invoice”.
    I have just got my April invoice, but there was no mention of deferred payment, so I contacted CS via chat, just to ensure it was in place.
    CS said I would have to pay 50% this month and 50% next month.
    Thank you for all your help eBay – which is it?
    I have spent 2 hours trying to sort this, got nowhere – so I have just paid the April invoice in full.
    It is great that the bully boy marketplaces make a big play of helping their sellers, then screw them behind the scenes using smoke, mirrors and half truths/lies.
    I used to enjoy selling on eBay……………………….

  8. What about transaction fees for each item in multiple purchases?

    This is the killer for many smaller items. Have they ditched this?

  9. Also micropayments currently only paying 5p per transaction.

    Is there an equivalent on managed payments?

  10. To be honest the fees look to be more competitive with decent fees savings for the categories I typically list under.

  11. Genuinely shocked to find out the details of managed payments from my invite today.

    1. They do not appear to have softened the 30p transaction for each item in an order which will hit sellers of cheaper items really hard.

    2. Get this. You will NOT be able to list on international sites any more under managed payments. So if you list on .com or any other Ebay site than UK, you are screwed.

    AND they are doing all of this during the biggest crisis the globe has faced in living memory.

    Particularly pissed they hid the international thing until now, as well as the individual item fee thing. No mention of this in their earlier faqs.


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