Pre-registration for eBay UK Managed Payments starting today

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eBay has today emailed business sellers to inform them that pre-registration for eBay UK Managed Payments is to open for the first sellers. Those invited will be able to register their businesses for eBay UK Managed Payments but nothing will happen before July.

You might wonder why eBay are pushing ahead in the midst of a global pandemic, but the reality is that sooner or later the pandemic will subside and business needs to continue. Those receiving invitations to pre-register won’t see any material change to their businesses for the next few months but it will ensure you have plenty of time to prepare your business for the change.

“In February 2020, we announced that starting later this year, eBay will begin managing payments in the UK following launches in the United States and Germany. A lot has changed since then and we understand that this is a challenging time for many businesses. We still believe our new payment solution is an enhanced way to sell and get paid with a range of seller benefits. We have continued to work on developing the new experience.

We are now starting to progressively enable pre-registration for UK sellers whose features and tools usage is compatible with managed payments. In the coming weeks, many of you may receive a notice to pre-register on managed payments.”
– Murray Lambell, VP UK Trading, eBay

If you receive an eBay UK Managed Payments pre-registration invitation

If you receive a notification, eBay say that they are encouraging you to pre-register at the right time for you to get your business ready early for managed payments. Pre-registration can be completed in a few simple steps but you may need time to gather information about your business (bank details, director details etc). You’ll need this information in order to get paid out to your bank account, so if you receive an invite it’s probably a good idea to at least click the link to discover what information you’ll need – especially as many of your team may be working remotely at this point in time.

Once you have pre-registered, eBay will send you further details to prepare your business. The intention is for eBay to activate your account for eBay UK Managed Payments in late July, but nothing will change until then in how you manage your business on eBay.

If you do not receive an eBay UK Managed Payments pre-registration invitation

If you don’t receive a notification then you don’t need to do anything at the moment, although eBay’s stated intention is to migrate most sellers in the near future. eBay say that they are pre-registering sellers whose business matches best with the features offered at present. As they continue to develop eBay UK Managed Payments to include more features you can expect them to notify you to register when they can support the needs of your business.

17 Responses

  1. Ah so much details. Pre- register for what? Perhaps death of your business?!

    Just like UK government managing current pandemic situation…

    No details about mangled payments’ rates, fees, etc essential stuff.

    Instead hearing bollocks about:
    “Single source for fees”
    Yeah what about THE FEES in new payment system?!

    “Customised reports”
    The eBay reports numbers are always wrong. No visibility if refunds calculated into sales etc. PayPal fees no taken into account. Postage fees not taken into account. Etc etc
    Each month the eBay invoice has 3 different totals and each month they charge us different sum (4th!) Gotta love my accountant!

    “Single source for refunds”
    Yeah what about that buyer that opened return on 2nd March and never returned ?! No option to raise the issue to eBay CS from the “One place ebay”. Where’s my money?!

    “Simplified protection”
    You kidding me right? Just yesterday had a buyer to open return after 28 days since receiving it and claiming that the part arrived damaged. The item was brand new , wrapped in huge bubble wrap, and packed in cardboard box IN A FACTORY. From the pictures it seems item damaged while badly installed in car engine by customer/mechanic.
    £180 is the transaction value.
    Will eBay stand on my side when I show pics of item before posting to customer?
    If even so, there’s PayPal that the customer can raise the issue with.
    As sellers we are screwed both ways.

    Amazon is doing $11000 sales per second. Per second. Always better to be middleman and leave hard work to others.

    /Rant over. Apologies

  2. As ever all bluster and no substance from eBay. Sign up to what exactly? Where are the T&C’s ? What are the rates? Details? nah just a load of hogwash.

  3. fees reports conditions etc etc are hypothetical
    you will have two choices
    like it ,or lump it,

  4. perhpaps if we sign for it they can alter it at will.

    in which cases (business or private) would eBay’s management sign an open agreement formulated by the other party?

  5. “If you receive a notification, we encourage you to pre-register at a time which is right for you, to get your business ready early for managed payments”

    How on earth can any logical person or business register for this without even knowing how much it is going to cost.

    I understand ultimately we will all have to go onto eBay managed payments, but the lack of clear info on fees is ridiculous.

  6. Will the new payment system remove the need to offer PayPal as an option which is currently compulsory?

    I for one do not wish to deal with a company which has just awarded itself the right to fine its customers £2500 for contravening some obscure regulation. It stinks.

  7. As a seller, it has occasionally been very satisfying to buy at a “bricks and mortar” auction with cash, sell on eBay the same day, transfer the money from my Paypal account to my bank account, and then draw the money out of a cash machine; all on the same day!

    It’s not a deal breaker, and this lucrative commission revenue may help delay yet more hikes in selling fees, but I’m going to miss the virtually instant nature of Paypal payments.

  8. We dont care if its ebay PayPal or the mafia
    That provides the service
    If were even in business by july
    Will be a plus

  9. Fair enough but if we all get trading again the last thing we want is our precious funds to be snatched by PayPal.

  10. I’ve called Ebay and spoken at length with them about this. They have no idea about fees, no idea about tandcs, and absolutely no idea about return policies, how long the money will take to hit your bank, are you required to send an item without receiving payment, thus relying on buyers to be honest and say they have received it in good order. Clearly 100% geared towards buyers and Ebay, not the sellers. Watch closely, all the largest business sellers including myself will migrate elsewhere. Sooner or later we will have to abandon them under the massive weight of fees.

  11. If savings are to be made then great. However, given the history of eBay I can only presume this is by accident rather than choice. It won’t be long before they put prices up to match PayPal, after all it’s a captive audience- why wouldn’t they ?


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