Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly & Compact by Design launch in UK

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Amazon are launching Climate Pledge Friendly in the UK to help make it easy for customers to discover and shop for products with sustainability certifications. It was launched in the US in September.

To join the programme, your product must be certified with one of the sustainability certifications featured on the Amazon qualification page. Amazon are also introducing our Compact by Design certification for products with a more efficient design.

Many consumers are now keen to do their bit for the planet and making it easy for them to know what purchases are the most sustainable will help meet this demand. During their searches, Amazon promise that customers will see the Climate Pledge Friendly badge in their shopping results, learn additional sustainability information on the product page, and see the products in a dedicated section of Amazon.

Naturally as an enthusiastic inhabitant of the planet I headed straight to the Climate Pledge Friendly landing page, immediately followed by a click on the Compact by Design microsite only to be disappointed. I should have known better – Amazon are announcing the new programmes to sellers today so it’s overly optimistic to expect people to have signed up and got products certified within minutes of the announcement being made. However I look forward to shopping more sustainably on Amazon in the near future.

If you would like to see how your products can qualify, visit the Qualify for Climate Pledge Friendly Help page.

“Climate Pledge Friendly is a simple way for customers to discover more sustainable products that help preserve the natural world. With 18 external certification programs and our own Compact by Design certification, we’re incentivizing selling partners to create sustainable products that help protect the planet for future generations.”
– Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and CEO

Amazon themselves are working hard to stay committed to reaching the Paris Agreement ten years early and be net zero carbon by 2040. Through different programs, the company are set to reach 100% renewable energy by 2025 and help improve the health of the planet through reforestation projects around the world.

While you wait for Climate Pledge Friendly & Compact by Design products to be certified and listed, you can do you bit by dousing your enthusiasm for receiving everything same day or next day, and opt for an Amazon Day at checkout. You can still click and buy to your hearts content but, rather than multiple deliveries arriving throughout the week, Amazon will store up all your purchase and only send a diesel belching van to your drive way once a week on your nominated day… at the same time giving a bumper excited parcel unwrapping session into the bargain.

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  1. I’m glad to see Amazon are trying to give more information when it comes to the environmental impact of our purchases, this is a complete minefield when buying anything to know the impact a product has on the environment overall. Like you Chris I was looking forward to be able to shop more sustainably on Amazon and at an easy glace. I went to the ‘shop’ section to have a look around to see what sort of products were listed and the second on the list, disposable nappies with 2 of the 3 top ingredients being oil products and will be around in landfill for hundreds of years, not what I call sustainable. They are FSC registered which has given them the Climate Pledge Friendly badge.
    I see this badge as misleading and likely to have a damaging affect as customers will trust that these products are sustainable and environmentally friendly and not look into the true impact of a product.


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