Countering Prime Day – Every day is great value on eBay

Every Day is great value on eBay

It should be no surprise that eBay’s message today, the first day of the 48 hour long Amazon Prime day, is that Every day is great value on eBay.

Emails are going out with different versions highlighting different departments such as Fashion or Electronics – key categories for eBay. They also highlight the Brand Outlet with up to 70% off and Beauty with 20% savings.

eBay have done pretty well this year as the global pandemic has driven shoppers online and marketplaces picked up the slack when high street retail was forced to shut down. In the UK, in recent years eBay has always done well in the UK in comparison to other territories around the world but it’s fair to say that the global emergency has seen them perform like never before and eBay don’t compete with their sellers – the only competition you face is from other sellers.

The message that Every day is great value on eBay isn’t new, we’ve seen similar messaging roll out before. Last year key messaging was “Here’s a better way to spend £79“, a reference to the fact that you can only access Prime Day deals if you’re willing to cough up for an annual Prime subscription.

Under previous CEO, Devin Wenig, eBay even dived into the cess pit of negative advertising, crossed their fingers that the Amazon site woud crash as it did the previous year in 2018, and created a fantastic spoof “Honest Alexa” video poking fun at Amazon Prime Day.

We’ve not seen similar negative advertising under new CEO Jamie Iannone – he’s probably not as obsessed with the competition as Devin was, but as you’d expect eBay still don’t want Amazon to have everything their own way so, if you’re about to go shopping on Amazon today, check out to see if the great value on eBay is even better before you click the buy button!

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Ha Ha "An error occurred while processing your request" "It’s not you. It’s us" ".Our server is down, but we’ll have things back to normal soon" "Something went wrong. Please try to check out again"

andy • 13th October 2020 •

Glad it's not just me, these DNS or whatever errors drive me insane ! They've been there for so long as well.

Ifellow • 13th October 2020 •

No sales on eBay today and they are even pumping ads on the radio so thought something might shift? Ever the optimist but alas no sales... Got another five hours until midnight mind so who knows???

Tom • 13th October 2020 •

If its prime sale, then Amazon don't even have that many Prime members in the UK, maybe people are signing up to the trail, getting the deals, and cancelling.

ifellow • 13th October 2020 •

Mine you fair play to them, cause im feeling kinda skint

ifellow • 13th October 2020 •

It really can vary from seller to seller. Looking at my ebay sales graph, today is the 2nd highest daily sales in the last 30 days and not that far off being the highest. I'd be happy if it was like this everyday, but it won't be. I'll be due a bad day soon enough.

Gav • 13th October 2020 •