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In September this year, eBay announced that Murray Lambell would lead the eBay UK business as General Manager. Murray is no new to eBay was already running UK Trading on eBay UK and is his eighth year with the marketplace – Many of you would have met him in the past at industry events over the years.

This has been a challenging year for many and this New Year will be like no other with the pandemic once again accelerating couple with the still unknown challenges of Brexit. Today, Murray wants to thank you for your business and the amazing work you’ve done keeping your business running, keeping your employees in work and serving the 28 million customers that buy on eBay. This year, more than ever in the past, eBay has been a life line for many supplying essentials when the shops have been closed and a vital part of the economy.

Murray also looks forward to 2021 promising expansion to the London and Dublin teams to support you, plans to expand seller tools to make selling on eBay quicker and easier, and enhancements for buyers to make shopping easier.

Watch Murray’s message below or on eBay for Business UK YouTube channel and share the thank you with your employees and family.

12 Responses

  1. You can start by delivering proper seller protection for all of the last 2 months . You have failed to deliver for your paying customers the sellers you squeeze for every last penny from.

  2. Based upon the (widely) promoted “eBay Big Christmas Charity Sell fundraising initiative” I listed and sold a mobility scooter requesting that 100% go to charity.
    As far as I was aware the promotion was “between 1 and 20 December” so with my item completing on 17th December I naturally expected that eBay would give the £5 promised for every £1 from my sale HOWEVER eBay have just informed me that my listing (placed on 10th December) has failed to meet their LISTING criteria which apparently required my listing to be placed between 4th to 7th December!?!
    I’ve looked again at promotion of this initiative, for example, https://fundraising.co.uk/2020/12/01/ebay-launches-big-christmas-charity-sell-fundraising-initiative/ as well as other media outlets, and there is no clear statement of this limitation so I feel that my charity is being deprived a several hundred pounds owing to eBay’s ‘small print’.

  3. I’ve stopped selling on Ebay after 18yrs, can’t be doing withe all the rubbish grey are spouting, and to get rid of paypal is ridiculous, I sell to make money and not wait for the likes of eBay holding my money for 3-4 days and then not sending payments out over a weekend, shame on you ebay, why fix something that isn’t broken, wish there was another auction site, I used to love ebay it was fun, but sorry had enough of them,

  4. List of current issues on ebay keeps on growing (not including managed payments that are a disaster). Since 1st December ebay has not been able to calculate estimated delivery dates properly. The new label printing function is diabolical and adds 30% to the time spent printing labels, the sellerhub does not “remember” preferred sort order on orders pages, the daily sales report has not included postage label costs bought on ebay since 1st Janaury, the order report doesn’t include estimated delivery dates anymore…. and the list goes on. The “support” staff is untrained, cut off phone calls mid conversation without calling back. I have been selling on ebay since 2000 and have never seen it this bad and it has been bad in the past! In my category sellers are leaving in troves. There were 653 sellers in October, only 125 left this week. Without sellers ebay stops to exist and it is about time that ebay managment understood this.

  5. Do we we did. Build your own website. We did and never looked back. Our fees for running the site are rock bottom compared to ebay and amazon. Our site our rules.

  6. @Agnes, seem to be doing ok with Managed payments since I first started with it back in July. Have also changed banks accounts since starting and that has gone ok. Depending what label printing you are using either Royal Mail or Packlink. Packlink is I believe owned in part by ebay but not run by them. It is not great to use as orders are all over the place and customer service is hopeless when things go wrong so tend to avoid them for the most part as only use UPS via them.

    Not sure what category you sell in by maybe many are still on holiday and taking a break in the new year from selling. Interested to know how you can see how many sellers are in your category?

  7. Morning, I have not read anything about the 2021 VAT Changes made on eBay. I have reported this to CS on 6th January and again yesterday. All eBay invoices are showing at 0% VAT but are actually the FULL price including VAT . Our eBay listings show the full price including 20%.VAT. We have changed nothing and are very experienced on this platform. When our Magento system issues our custom VAT invoice it then adds 20% VAT on as it is told by ebBay that none has been added !

    This is too serious to ignore, we are duty bound to show VAT and provide VAT invoices, as are eBay. This is a legal requirement. We have been told by eBay to “manually” adjust our invoices, NOT GOOD ENOUGH !
    eBay say they are aware and working on it. You are taking too long, this needs sorting immediately.

    I would Love an answer from Murray Lambell

  8. So many things wrong with Ebay and how they are taking control off the sellers, for example they ENCOURAGE buyers to open cases instead of first communicating with sellers and this results in more defects against sellers who are at risk of losing Top Seller status. Same issue with managed returns, encouraging buyers to lie and claim item not as described because it makes the seller pay for the return! They permit negative feedback that’s often unfair and inaccurate then ebay declare, well its the buyer’s prerogative, yet a seller cannot leave negative for the buyer!

    They are pushing sellers to send every item recorded delivery, yet by doing this, penalising sellers who sell smaller value items where rec del is simply not financially viable, because logically there’s going to be more cases of items not received and Ebay don’t accept proof of postage or permit photos to be uploaded by sellers as proof that at least the item was sent, on open Resolution cases.

    EBay don’t listen to feedback from sellers and are only interested in making as much profit as they can from sellers – hence their new managed payments which I’ve no idea how it will affect me when it starts next week. Again they are controlling us!

    Because of what and how I sell, my own website wouldn’t generate as many sales, or I’d leave eBay in a heartbeat. Plus those awful, flimsy, pricey, tacky stationery items sellers are forced to use their monthly vouchers on – items never in stock at the time they are listed as available yet ebay turn a blind eye to them when they would penalise other sellers for doing the same? It stinks, and a lot of sellers are struggling currently.

    I could say a lot more Murray…

  9. @WG

    If you want a financially viable “recorded delivery” type option for small value items, it’s Royal Mail 24 or Royal Mail 48. There’s no extra cost, in fact it’s cheaper than using the post office for 1st class or 2nd class. It’s not 100% problem free, as posties don’t always scan them, but it does seem to reduce INRs.

    Managed payments has been fine. Got switched over in August. I set it up to payout every Tuesday, which it does without issue. It’s no better or worse than Amazon’s system.


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