Brexit fall out continues to disrupt couriers – Find out more in our webinar

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The Brexit fall out is still happening with various couriers still being forced to restrict or temporarily suspend deliveries to Europe and those sending parcels desperately trying to find out what paperwork is required. The situation is further complicated by some paperwork not being required immediately, but it will be needed at various points in the year (Northern Ireland by April and Rules of Origin by the end of the year).

RegisterSign up for our webinar with GFS taking place on the 27th of January to walk through the Brexit fall out and see how ecommerce delivery survived the triple tsunami of Peak, Brexit and COVID. We’ll be asking what on earth happened, and most importantly what you need to do to prepare your delivery strategy for 2021.

We will be asking our guest speakers, Bobbie Ttooulis, Executive Director of GFS, and David Harding, Customer Director what impact did COVID, Brexit and Peak have on ecommerce delivery and how did successful retailers adapt delivery to come out on top?

We will then look at the outlook for ecommerce delivery in 2021 and how you can you adapt delivery to succeed no matter what.

You will leave the webinar with the GFS 4-point Action Plan for ecommerce Delivery in 2021 to take away giving you the information you need to ensure that the parcels you send make it through to the consumer regardless of whether they are based in the UK, parts of the UK such as Northern Ireland, Europe, and the rest of the world.

This webinar is for ecommerce businesses, shipping 100+ parcels (domestic/international) per day who will be most impacted by the Brexit fall out. If this applies to your business, then register today to ensure that you don’t miss out.

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  1. Hi Chris,
    I’m struggling to work out whether as a (very) small business (one man band) sending maybe 10-15 parcels to the EU per month, mostly by Royal Mail Large Letter and Small parcel, but maybe 2-3 boxes weighing 10-20kg by UPS, whether I’d be classed as an “Exporter”? I already have a GB EORI number as I am VAT registered, but do I need an XI (???) or EU EORI number? I can’t work out whether I am really no more than a private individual sending a random box to someone in France (having sold something on eBay) or whether I need to go through the rigmorole of getting an EU EORI etc?
    I have two boxes ready to go to the EU from December sales but am too nervous to ship them.

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