Do your customers want fast and free delivery?

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RegisterWhat do your customers want from delivery? Fast and Free is what we’ve all been told for for years but that’s not the case, join our webinar with GFS this Thursday the 29th of April at 11am to find out what your customers really want.

With the high street open again, customers once again have choice and if you don’t offer both the product and the delivery and returns experience that they demand then they won’t be shopping with you. On the plus side, if you figure out what your customer really want then 60% of them would buy from you again if they have a good delivery experience.

Research shows time and again that last-mile delivery options directly influence consumers’ decisions to purchase – and purchase again. Register now for Thursday’s webinar for a heft dose of reality and to discover how you can delivery a world class delivery and returns experience and bridge the gap between expectation and reality.

If you concentrate on one thing this year, it’s to recognise that the free ride ecommerce has had during the pandemic is over. When consumer had no choice but to buy online they did… and to be honest convenience for many wasn’t a problem as they were either working from home or on furlough at home. Now they’re out and about again, the pubs are serving drinks having opened in Scotland this week and in England for outside drinking in the sun earlier in the month. Your customer is no longer sitting at home happy for packages to turn up whenever they happen to arrive, now they want and demand service and if you excel then so will your business.

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  1. Too many over-generalisations in this article. Not everyone was doing a great online trade in the last year, even many online businesses (including my own) were shut. I’ve no doubt Amazon did a roaring trade.

    And not everyone is going back to the pubs. Would you believe, a lot of folks are still frightened to death and still staying at home. Or they just don’t want to face all the ridiculous restrictions.

  2. My experience is very few are fooled by the word ‘free’ they all know the cost is in there!
    What however they are more wary of than ever, is bargain basement deliveries… yes you know the companies! Where over stretched drivers are just randomly delivering parcels to who ever and leaving wherever they can as time is not their friend.
    These are the companies that offer volume senders the most strupidly low prices to get the business, knowing that no matter how bad their repuation gets… the big sellers will still use them as it is so cheap.
    The race to the bottom always leads to unhappy buyers as in the end it is them that pay for it, one way or another. The constant push of the ‘free’ thing has to end. When did a fair price for a decent job become such a bad thing?


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