New eBay Packaging store for eBay UK packaging vouchers from today

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Many eBay sellers with a Featured or Anchor Store will be receiving their monthly eBay packaging voucher today. When you come to spend it, if you want to buy eBay Branded Packaging then as of today there is a new supplier and a new eBay Packaging store, which you can find here.

Due to increases in demand and the rising cost of packaging materials, price increases will also be applied to the new eBay Packaging store from 1st May 2021. As an example, a quantity of 75 eBay Branded Packaging Small Cardboard Box (13.27 x 9 x 0.75in) will now cost £18.99, a rise from the previous £17.53. A quantity of 100 eBay Branded Packaging Self Seal Plastic Mailer Postage Bags (360mm x 440mm 40mm) is now priced at £11.99 but were previously £10.56.

There are no changes to future monthly packaging vouchers in £10 and £20 variants offered to eBay stores subscribers. These will still be issued from the first day of every month. There are over 40 SKU types available to you, priced between £10-£20 in line with the voucher values.

If you miss the email with your voucher, you can check if your voucher is ready by navigating to and at the top of the page you should see your eBay Packaging Voucher if it’s available on your account.

Importantly, as of today your eBay Packaging Voucher can now only be redeemed on the new eBay Packaging store. However, whilst stocks last if you want to help the previous supplier clear out their stocks you can still currently buy from the old store and save a few pennies.

15 Responses

  1. Used my voucher today after checking here as eBay have not updated their link to the new store on their voucher email. Disappointed to see the same old products I want to see a variety of Royal Mail postbox size mailing boxes to save queuing at the post office.

  2. No wonder the prices have increased by 50%, eBay are using a Retailer Avant Garde, rather than the Manufacturer & lets see how they preform using Hermes

  3. Truly loath this. I don’t want the pitiful, overpriced boxes. I’d rather keep my £20.

  4. We only use the £10 voucher – there is no way you would pay these prices for the product you can buy much cheaper elsewhere. I would rather have £10 discount on the fees.

  5. Sooo… how long until they get a mass of negatives like the old supplier? Wonder if this one actually has stuff in stock rather than advertising and making you wait for 4 weeks for delivery.

  6. I you want to buy eBay Branded Packaging then as of today there is a new supplier and a new eBay Packaging store to redeem shop vouchers. We’re increasing eBay Shop subscription fees and giving subscribers more inclusive fixed price listings, as well as new benefits,

  7. These items cost so much more than our current packaging supplier that i just use up our voucher.

    I shop for what can i buy for the least amount of extra money.

    With the new supplier, i found one item that we can buy for £19.99 for a 100

    I would rather have a reduction of the equivalent voucher amount in my fees.

    By the way, if you think the increase for boxes is steep, Tape has gone from £24.95 for 24 rolls to £31.99 for the same amount, a 28% increase.

  8. These price increases are ludicrous, they were already way over price to begin with.

  9. I thought that eBay required ALL its business sellers to provide “Business seller information”. Hmm. This one is empty. What’s wrong with showing a shared office address to the world. Oh wait.

  10. eBay is obviously giving special treatment to this new selling ID. They made TRS in record time, and eBay have removed quite a few negative and neutral feedback that looked like it was within the rules to me.

    They also have text and graphics on their gallery images which is against eBay rules.

    Nothing new there then.

  11. @joeB
    i’m sure I’ve seen 4 negatives, at least, yesterday evening, plus some neutral comments.

    they removed most of it, yet their profile shows “Revised Feedback: 0”

    well done Ebay. one rule for us, one rule for you.

  12. Over the past couple of years the £10 voucher and the packaging has saved us money in buying plain boxes from elsewhere.
    Rather than ordering 4 times a year from packaging supplier we only need to order twice a year.

    If there was no voucher I wouldn’t bother with the branded packaging. However with the voucher paying a few quid for what anyone else is going to charge me £10 plus for…?
    Its useful.


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