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For the first time ever, Pinterest has released new research to shine a light on its audience to help marketers navigate the post-pandemic world. You’ll want to read their report for the first Pinterest insights from the platform itself.

As we ease out of lockdown, there’s no playbook for marketers to navigate the new and post-pandemic world and many are struggling to identify where their audiences have landed.

This coincides with data from the Office for National Statistics revealing that since physical stores have opened, online sales have declined for a third month a, but still remain 60% higher than February 2020 – retailers and marketers alike are navigating this new and unknown period.

Pinterest, with 16.7 million monthly unique visitors in the UK, is unveiling new audience research designed to empower UK marketers to re-evaluate their post-pandemic campaigns ahead of what could be a very busy summer for brands.

As they look to reset how they engage with consumers, many are struggling with how to identify where their audiences have landed and how they will target them in the future. Simultaneously, the idea of the traditional ‘audience profile’ is being disrupted.

With this in mind, Pinterest is unveiling research to help advertisers better understand exactly who the UK Pinterest audience is, and how to communicate with them more effectively in their ad campaigns. Partnering with Sparkler, part of PA Consulting, the ‘Inspiration Nation’ report showcases the different UK Pinterest audience segments that brands can authentically reach as an essential part of their marketing mix.

Following a rigorous process to uncover the audiences that exist on Pinterest, respondents were asked broader questions around what they want from brands, and how they want advertising to show up for them online, and for what reason.

Whether it’s using video to capture behind the scenes content to give a more human feel to a brand, incorporating more instructional/how-to videos about a product, or communicating responsible business practices directly within your content – each audience segment has a set of preferences, spanning tone, brand purpose, creative approach and format, providing invaluable insight for marketers’ media plans and creative campaigns.

Pinterest insights tips for reaching UK audiences on Pinterest

Design Mavens (46% male, 31% aged 25-34)

  • Creative Millennial who are focussed and plan ahead, who use Pinterest to explore Art & Design, Architecture as well as Animals. A passion for aesthetics spills into Science & Nature, as well as DIY & Crafts
  • Respond to brands that celebrate differences and draw attention to different causes.

Digital Doers (76% male, 67% aged 35+)

  • Tech savvy individuals who use Pinterest for seeking self-growth and inspiration. They love the ability to personalise the content they see and are passionate about tech, sports and travel
  • Are able to make informed decisions when they can click through to view more detailed information on a product or service

Aesthetic Seekers (83% female, 44% aged 18-24)

  • Open minded and explorative Gen Z or young Millennials, who use Pinterest to look for cool new Fashion and Beauty trends, as well as seek inspiration around travel and celebrations
  • Are inspired by real people telling real stories, so user-generated content is key for this segment

Conscious Go-Getters (52% male, 64% aged 18-34)

  • Motivated go-getters who drive new trends, use Pinterest to fuel purchase ideas and connect to business plans – passionate about Sport, Fitness & Entertainment + wider Lifestyle topics
  • Engage with personalised content that speaks to them as an individual and not as one of the crowd

Authentic Explorers (81% female, 58% aged 35+)

  • Authentic and self-aware individuals, who have an interest in animals, quotes and memes. Pinterest allows them to explore these interests while remaining true to themselves and free of judgement
  • Appreciate earthy, natural aesthetics that make them feel connected to nature

Inspired Makers (90% female, 60% aged 35+)

  • Artistic and creative, these older Pinners turn to Pinterest to seek inspiration and discover new ideas around DIY, gardening, and home
  • Take action when they can see end results, and how different items fit together

“For far too long digital advertising has felt more like interruption than inspiration. Hearing first-hand from people on what they actually want and expect from brands when they’re online, how they want to be targeted through advertising – gives us a hugely valuable insight that we urge brands to be thinking about when planning ahead to the festive season and beyond. Because people come to Pinterest for inspiration on what to do, plan or buy next, they actually want to hear from brands, so marketers tapping into Pinterest have the chance to shape and even inform these decisions.”
– Visha Naul, Director of Business Marketing for EMEA, Pinterest

Advertisers have the unique opportunity to reach consumers on Pinterest who are intentional, open-minded, but haven’t decided on a brand yet. In fact, Pinterest’s audiences may be diverse but Pinners all have one thing in common: 97% of their top searches on Pinterest are unbranded. This means the majority of consumers are not typing a brand name into their searches and businesses of any size have the chance to be discovered.

Pinterest is going after a competitive global advertising market with a unique and valuable differentiation for advertisers. With these defined audience personas, Pinterest hopes to inspire marketers to explore the opportunity to meet consumers where they are and create a genuine connection with them.

For further information Pinterest insights on the UK audience segments and how marketers can better target them, take a look at the Inspiration Nation Report.


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