eBay Mobile Filter increases filtering by 10%

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There’s a new relatively new eBay Mobile Filter to enable buyers to narrow down search results and since implementation it has increased engagement from buyers by around 10%. Largely driven by Item Specifics, plus category, shipping and item condition attributes, this type of usage means that if you’re not fully optimising your listings you’ll be missing out on sales.

For buyers, the eBay Mobile Filter makes it easier to sort and filter the vast array of search results that will be returned for any search term. It’s a quick and easy way to narrow down the inventory displayed to items that they may wish to purchase. Previously, the filter option was at the top of search results and so hidden as soon as a user scrolled. Now, a blue eBay Mobile Filter button hovers at the bottom of the screen enabling users to narrow their search regardless of how far they have scrolled.

For sellers, it’s important to remember that the eBay Mobile Filter is largely driven by Item Specifics and with the huge increase in the number of buyers using filters, Item specifics are more critical than ever.

The new eBay Mobile Filter has been launched globally on Android, IOS and mobile web, so whether a buyer is using the eBay App or browsing on their mobile device it will be available to use.

Don’t forget, eBay recently rolled out more mandatory Item Specifics on the 12th of July in the following categories:

  • Business & industrial
  • Collectibles
  • Gift cards
  • Home & garden
  • Media
  • Musical instruments
  • Non-fungible tokens
  • Parts & accessories
  • Sporting goods

If you’re looking for help, Optiseller can help with their Aspect Finder+ tool, which is free of charge (courtesy of eBay) to all eBay sellers until the 30th of September 2021. The tool quickly identifies those listings that are missing item specifics which are currently required, soon to be required and recommended across all listings, in all categories. In addition, the tool optimises item specifics to boost search visibility helping seller maximise sales opportunities.

Optiseller appoint Jit Gondalia Australian Managing DirectorOptiseller presented at Tamebay Live and their masterclass, discussing the factors that affect eBay rankings and providing practical tips to optimise your listings, is available to watch on demand on the Tamebay Live website.

5 Responses

  1. Yet still we can’t search for next day delivery!!! Ebay constantly force faster and faster postage down the throats of sellers. Telling us that buyers demand it. Research supports it. Must offer it…. And then gives buyers no way of searching for it!!!
    Now apart from searching for next day delivery, when will there be an option to exclude China as a location! Wopuld be great to wipe out 80% of the listings in big searches!

  2. Toby, you can filter UK only if you wish. On the left side scroll down and you can select a distance from your location, UK only EU

  3. Rob, yes i do that, but it then excludes other countries. I really just wanted to cut out the mass spamming of Chinese sellers who list the same items 50 times with slight title variations!
    Looked for something last week and i kid you not, the first 100 plus listings were about 80 this same item from the same seller with just some random letters etc added at end of title and a price difference of a penny etc. Couldn’t be bothered with it so bought elsewhere.

  4. Toby, sometimes UK sellers are the same. Have one with some items I sell and just puts a * or different character at the end of the title. Although when searching he has been pushed to the bottom of the searches.
    ebay keep pushing about buyer experience, retail standards, yet so often don’t enforce their own policies. I sell a mix of stock across two stores, the stock i buy at wholesale is getting to the point not worth selling on ebay as people don’t want to pay full retail prices.
    I do well with return’s stock from big brand names but so many private accounts sell it as well with no return, pay less fees and again ebay do nothing about it.


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