UK eBay fulfilment launches with Orange Connex

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UK eBay fulfilment by Orange Connex is launching today offering the first end-to-end fulfilment service for UK sellers with faster delivery options, improved logistics management, more streamlined processes and enhanced seller protection.

eBay business sellers will have access to dedicated Fulfilment Centres in Leicester and Birmingham, where goods can be stored, packed and delivered. It has been launched in response to the significant growth in online shopping over the past year, and the rising demand from SMB sellers on eBay looking to scale and grow their business.

Participating sellers will be able to use eBay fulfilment by Orange Connex for orders that are sold on eBay or their shops on other online platforms.

UK eBay fulfilment by Orange Connex benefits

  • Next day delivery option and same-day dispatch with late order cut-off times
  • Fully tracked and transparent service
  • Full seller protection against delivery-related defects and resulting negative feedback
  • Fulfilment for all sales channels – whether you’re selling on your eBay shop or a shop on another platform
  • Delivery within the UK with plans to roll out internationally in the near future. Sellers participating in the Global Shipping Programme will already be able to integrate with this fulfilment service to ship internationally.
  • Dedicated fulfilment seller portal and support team

Sample rates for UK eBay fulfilment

T shirt
< 200g

Pair of trainers
< 1kg

< 15kg

< 30kg


Large Letter Small Parcel Medium Parcel Large Parcel

Fulfilment fee

£1.67 £4.10 £5.50 £13.50

Storage fee

10p*** 10p*** 10p*** 11p ***

Standard price

£1.77 £4.20 £5.60 £13.61

Next Day Price

£4.50 £6.10 £16.11
*All prices are exclusive of VAT. Prices are indicative only and based on information provided by service provider as of 18.06.2021. Sellers should always refer to Orange Connex’s rate card for the prevailing applicable rates.
**Additional services are available subject to eligibility. Prices vary depending on the volume of sold items.
***As storage fees are charged on a daily basis, total and next day prices will vary depending on storage duration of product.

If you are interested you can register your interest for UK eBay fulfilment here. You’ll find a full rate card here

UK eBay fulfilment with Orange Connex

eBay UK is collaborating with global logistics firm, Orange Connex, to launch the service, which will enable sellers on eBay to offer next-day delivery, same-day handling, a fully tracked service and late cut-off times to buyers. Managed through a central integrated platform, it also means sellers will benefit from full seller protection for delivery-related mishaps.

For international orders, sellers participating in the Global Shipping Programme will be able to fully integrate with the Fulfilment Centres using eBay fulfilment by Orange Connex, with plans to roll this out more widely in the near future.

This service follows the launch of end-to-end fulfilment services in Germany and China, which have been incredibly successful with thousands of eBay sellers already using these services and enjoying the convenience it brings.

This is the next step in eBay UK’s ongoing commitment to supporting SMBs, delivering economic opportunity and making it easier to grow and scale. It follows a number of initiatives launched in the past year to help businesses thrive, including the Capital for eBay Business Sellers financing scheme and reducing or removing eBay’s fees through programmes like Pay As You Grow and Free Online Shop Window.

“We know that managing space and storage for inventory can be one of the biggest pain points for our sellers, while an increasingly competitive retail environment means that consumers expect faster and more transparent delivery times. eBay fulfilment by Orange Connex sets out to address these, offering more capacity to grow and a simpler, more cost-efficient process so that sellers can offer more flexible delivery options.

At eBay, we’ve been making big investments in the UK to help our sellers grow, recently offering a financing scheme to give businesses much-needed access to finance. Launching eBay fulfilment by Orange Connex is how we’re going even further to help sellers adapt in a changing retail landscape, reducing burdensome costs and giving them more opportunity to focus on their business and what they do best.”
– Murray Lambell, UK General Manager, eBay

“Orange Connex are delighted to be working with eBay on the launch of the new UK fulfilment service, harnessing the value of our combined experience to help many of their small business customers scale and succeed. As online demand has surged this year, we’re excited to be helping these businesses keep up with higher volumes of orders. This end-to-end fulfilment process will offer sellers improved visibility and control throughout the supply chain, while the end shopper can enjoy a more enhanced delivery.”
– Gerry Power, Country Head, Orange Connex Global UK

“Outsourcing storage, packing, and dispatch, reduces some of the more mundane elements of being an online retail business owner. And with everything going on with the ‘pingdemic’, using eBay’s fulfilment operation gives me the peace of mind that I can continue to bring in revenue for my family, even if we were forced to isolate.

I’ve also been able to devote more time to marketing and creating videos for my eBay listings, as well as taking advantage of opportunities I just didn’t have time for a few months ago. I’ve already seen this have a big impact, with a 50% increase in sales in the past month – without having endless boxes encroach on my home anymore!”
– Lindsay Hayman, founder, Ojewellery, participant of test trial

18 Responses

  1. We use Amazon FBA for the majority of our sales on Amazon U.K. Amazon has a partnered carrier arrangement with UPS which enables us to ship our products into their fulfilment centres at vastly reduced rates. Will there be any similar arrangements with eBay?

  2. It looks like they only ship to the UK?You’d have expected them to provide an EU / ROW service too. Otherwise you need your stock in another warehouse too!

  3. 10p a DAY…storage FEE am I reading this correct. It has been 4 years since I have used fuffilment services with Amazon but they were not even that excessive.

    You would need to shift those t shirts very rapidly.
    Wouldn’t touch it excessive prices….
    10 years to late anyway…

  4. Hey Sam, check the full fee schedule, it’s NOT 10p per day. The examples are merely an estimate of what a typical fee might be for a product as it’s likely it will be stored for more than a day – could be weeks, could be a couple of months depending on your run through rate.

    There’s a minimum storage fee of £0.01 per SKU per day. The fee is based on cubic meters and dependant on the time of year but varies between £0.31 or £0.50 per cubic meter per day.

  5. Awful service from the looks of it – I sell small and light on Amazon prime and eBay look to be WAY more expensive with slower shipping – and selling to a much smaller market of buyers. They should be offering this service for free for the first year to get people on board. Trying to charge similar prices and FBA to a market 1/10th the size and with much slower shipping is a joke.

    EBay has to be one of the worst run online companies still in existence. Everything they do is never executed properly.

  6. Does this “fulfillment” actually mean just pick,pack and post? Doesnt mention the ebay fees. Are those separate? With Amazon FBA you get a clear cost of fulfillment including fees.
    If this is just for the packing and posting aspect then it it bloody expensive.

  7. Has anyone had any luck with ebay regarding delivery time frames as currently my 1 day dispatch and 1 day delivery are showing as delivery Thursday. But my one day dispatch and two day delivery are also showing as delivery Thursday. Seems ebay can’t add 1 + 2 correctly at the minute.

    Speak with ebay customer support and their suggestion is to send all items next day delivery.

  8. With eBay i never feel secure, so i’d never go to one of their partners because anything can happen. It’s bad enough when something goes wrong on eBay.

    eBay take your money. They offer very very little protections.

    Do not build your house on rented land, moral of this comment.

  9. OVER.

    They can’t get most things right on their own site, why on earth anyone would trust them with their physical stock is beyond me.

  10. This is somthing I would have cried out for 5 years ago…it looks expensive and it is very late in the day.

    It is a tiny market compared to the likes of Amazon I would not commit stock just to eBay anymore you need it as part of a multi channel approach it is not big enough , especially with the changes to Google my website now accounts for 50% of the business now it gets coverage and people can see how well priced it is compared to marketplace offers ( people will see through marketplace prices soon) 20% difference.

    I think they would have to look at shipping sales from other avenues like websites, even Amazon and the odds and sods from the likes on OnBuy.

    Bet they are just outsourced to RMG anyway they won’t have the logistical expertise .

  11. I just got an email from eBay about funding, and how I qualify for up to £ in funding.

    If they can’t even get a basic email right why would I trust them with such a key part of my business?

  12. JoeB, communication not ebay’s strongest point.
    Another one of ebay fine examples on ebay business Facebook group.
    Sign up for ebay open UK. click on the link and just a black page with welcome to ebay open with nowhere to sign up, information about where it is.

  13. eBay claim this is for small business. Yet you need to be VAT registered and have a Company CRN number. So in other words only “Small” business that are doing over 85k a year. Another big F YOU from eBay

  14. 30 to 50p a day storage fee per cubic m, when amazon charges simmjlar per month! Very poor pricing

  15. TPC, plenty of small businesses register for VAT voluntarily. Its cost effective for some businesses. A payment from the government multiple times a year isn’t to be sniffed at.

  16. Mixed thoughts on this tbh, it’s obviously targeted at a specific kind of seller which fits the Orange Connex fulfilment processes. No, it’s not going to fit every seller and every product but definitely will be a big help to some. It’s a start…roll on the next phase for the guys this one doesn’t fit!


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