New shopping on Pinterest features

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Pinterest have announced the launch of several new updates to keep shopping on Pinterest inspirational for its more than 400 million global monthly Pinners, and introducing a new marketing campaign that celebrates how Pinterest helps you find what you actually love.

New shopping on Pinterest features include:

  • Idea ads with paid partnership
  • Slideshow for Collections
  • Shopping ads
  • Merchant details
  • Product tagging
  • Feed optimization playbook with best practices
  • Advanced filtering capabilities
  • A new API
  • Campaign Budgets

The past year has accelerated a rapid worldwide shift to ecommerce but Pinterest say that it has left something valuable behind: inspiration. Based on Pinterest’s research, 89% of weekly Pinners use Pinterest for inspiration in their path to purchase (GfK, Pinterest Path to Purchase Study among Weekly Pinners who use Pinterest in the Category). Shoppers on Pinterest are 40% more likely to say they love shopping, compared to people who don’t use Pinterest. That is because Pinterest includes inspiration at every part of the shopping journey, not just for Pinners, but for advertisers, merchants and creators too.

Inspired Advertisers

For Pinners, shopping is a way of life. Since Pinners like New shopping on Pinterest features and discovering products they love, Pinterest leads to bigger basket sizes. In fact, shoppers on Pinterest have 85% bigger baskets compared to shoppers on other platforms (Dynata, April 2021). Pinterest’s updated Collections Ads are created for basket building. Collection Slideshow Ads allow advertisers to leverage their catalogues to create shoppable video-like content in the form of a slideshow of complementary products.

Now, advertisers can combine collections ads with video to curate immersive shoppable experiences to present their brands and products in an engaging fashion. Through these new experiences, Pinners shift from curiosity about the video to consideration about items featured in the video. When a Collection Slideshow ad is served, the tagged products will be dynamically selected and personalized to the Pinner.

Inspired Merchants

Shoppers on Pinterest don’t only fall in love with a product, they fall in love with a brand. 64% of Pinners say Pinterest is where they go to find an idea, product or service they can trust. Pinterest is a place where brands can build a connection with their customers and lead with their values.

Pinterest’s new inspirational Merchant Details help brands tell their story, and build a stronger connection between brands and Pinners by communicating their values, including Eco-friendly, Invested in Good, Responsibly Sourced, Personal Touch and Inclusive. In showcasing these details, merchants can better connect with Pinners who want to shop in alignment to their personal values.

In addition, Pinterest recently expanded its Verified Merchant Program to more countries including Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil and Mexico, to broaden its marketplace of high-quality merchants and products that inspire Pinners. In exchange for quality products, accurate metadata, inspirational content, and reasonable shipping and return policies, merchants receive predictable value through enhanced distribution, a badge that builds Pinner trust, and conversion reporting and insights.

Inspired Creators

Creators are an essential part of the Pinterest ecosystem because they bring inspiration into action with their creativity and expertise. Building on new ways to help Creators build their business and earn money on the platform, Pinterest is now experimenting with Ideas ads with paid partnership, a new ad format that enables select advertisers to promote Idea Pins from managed Creators.

Idea ads with paid partnership enables businesses to scale collaborative content beyond the creator’s audiences by promoting it to their target audiences and measuring performance on Pinterest’s ad platform. Pinners come to get inspired and to shop from their favorite brand and Creators, so great ads are expected and welcomed on Pinterest. Pinners can view inspiring videos and images and get the step-by-step breakdown within the ad.

This new ad format allows advertisers to scale their collaborative content, drive awareness, increase engagement, and build trust with their audience. Idea ads with paid partnership will launch in beta the following 15 countries: US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Brazil and Mexico.

Find What You Actually Love

On Pinterest, shopping is about DISCOVERY. It’s about finding products you never even knew existed, and figuring out who you are along the way. That’s why today Pinterest is launching a new marketing campaign in the US and coming to more countries soon to celebrate the unique shopping journey on Pinterest.


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