eBay launches authentication for Trading Cards in the U.S.

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Trading Cards are big business, especially in the US where the most expensive card ever sold on eBay, 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle card, sold for $486,100. As one of eBay’s top categories, it has been growing at a significant pace — hitting $2 billion in transactions in the first half of 2021. With an average of one sports trading card bought every second, Authenticity Guarantee now brings an added layer of trust to these transactions – as well as unmatched access to comprehensive and accurate product information for collectors.

eBay today announced the launch of its Trading Card Authenticity Guarantee service. Beginning now, single ungraded cards (including collectible card games, sports and non-sports) sold for $750+ in the U.S. will be authenticated. By mid-2022, the service will expand to include graded, autograph and patch cards sold for $250+. With the new addition to the Authenticity Guarantee, the company now offers authentication in four key enthusiast collector categories, including sneakers, watches, handbags and now trading cards.

Our trading cards business has been growing for the past six years, and the recent surge speaks to the immense cultural significance of the category. As hobbies turn into investments, authentication services in categories of high value have become a priority for collectors. With the introduction of Authenticity Guarantee for trading cards, we’re giving enthusiasts exactly what they want, while continuing to improve confidence in the marketplace.

Dawn Block, VP Collectibles, Electronics and Home, eBay

Authenticity Guarantee, an industry first for trading cards in terms of size and scale, ensures accuracy so enthusiasts can buy and sell with total confidence. As the service expands to include trading cards alongside handbags sold for $500+, sneakers sold for $100+ and watches sold for $2,000+, eBay further solidifies the marketplace as a top, trusted destination for buying and selling high value items.

3 Responses

  1. Collectors already know about the items they are buying and are already covered by Ebay’s money back guarantee. Probably another way of raising fees. It’s free for a limited period, but this will undoubtedly become a compulsory cost eventually. Yet another cost for Ebay sellers to bear and another revenue stream dressed up as an improvement. Do you think Ebay has noticed it is shrinking whilst other sites are growing ???

  2. Awful idea this. I do NOT trust the so called “experts” ebay uses, especially with trading cards it would be so easy for them to switch your cards with fakes or ones in inferior condition.

    Wont be long before its rolled out to every category. Plus with the Vero program only authorised dealers will be allowed to sell 2nd hand goods, for the media market that means you’ll have a choice between World of Books or MusicMagpie (barcode sellers who don’t have any clue about what they’re selling)

  3. More meddling from eBay. Buyers are already covered by the eBay money back guarantee- the slightest thing goes wrong and eBay are falling over themselves to hand back sellers money. So why the need now for further gouging? Perhaps it’s all to do with raising yet more revenue on ebays behalf- after all they won’t be running the scheme at a loss. I expect further categories to be hampered by these “improvements” in the near future


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