Extra-large Amazon FBA tier introduced

Amazon extra-large FBA tier introduced

Amazon are now offering another storage type, extra-large, in addition to the oversize storage type. This new storage type gives you more flexibility in how you manage your inventory and quantity limits for larger items. This is a change for both the UK and the US on Amazon.com so impacts your sales on both sides of the the Atlantic.

Moving forward, your FBA quantity limits will be determined separately for extra-large items and oversize items. This determination will be based on your past and forecasted sales, adjusted by fulfilment centre capacity.

If you have existing inventory that qualifies for the new storage type, this inventory will be reclassified automatically as extra-large. No action from you is required but you will want to assess your inventory both for storage limits and for fees. The effective billing date for the changes is the 18th of April 2022.

For more information, go to Extra-large FBA inventory for the UK and here for the US. To see which of your inventory qualifies as extra-large, check the dimensions of your items in the Monthly Storage Fees report.

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