Will Meta recover from a stalled ecommerce push?

Two years ago when the pandemic left consumers shopping from their sofas, companies around the world began focusing on creating an ecommerce presence. During this time, Meta also rushed to develop their own ecommerce services but is the landscape still as promising as it once was and is Meta missing the point of a successful ecommerce platform?

In the realm of technological development and seemingly spurred by the growth of digitalisation, Meta have a finger in many pies, unfortunately, some are partially cooked.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Meta have lost at least 5 senior execs in six short months. When coupled with frustrations from merchants caused by lacking and missing features when selling through Meta’s social media platforms, it is evident that there are some issues that need to be addressed.

Creating an ecommerce platform takes time and skill and being a well established brand means Meta are victim to certain high and possibly unfair expectations from users. That being said, the fact that Meta are well established and experienced online makes it hard to sympathise completely with their lacking attempts at an ecommerce push.

Alongside this, Meta have experienced some hard hitting growth and revenue drops. Meta’s advertising solutions were unable to stick due to changes in privacy rules that have cost the company billions. They have since seen their market shares drop 34%. The big challenge for the company now is whether their Facebook and Instagram ecommerce channels can recover the losses and how easy it will be for them to face and rectify the challenges.

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They may hide behind a new name, but it's still the horrible old Facebook, an evil company responsible for everything that's bad in the world.

Anna • 8th May 2022 • Reply to Anna