Amazon VAT Service fees update

Amazon VAT Calculation Services Amazon VAT Service fees update

Amazon have informed merchants that a VAT Service fees update is coming on the 1st of October. If you are already using VAT filing services, your current annual rates will be updated to these new fees and you will be charged with the new filing fees monthly, starting with the October fee cycle.

With a view to provide you with the flexibility to choose the countries you need and to simplify your experience on these fees, we have moved to a country-specific fees. We will continue to simplify these fees to improve your experience with VAT Services on Amazon.

– Amazon

Prior to the update, Amazon offered discounted VAT registration fee of €50 per European country with VAT filing for as low as €33.30/month.

VAT Service fees update

VAT Registration

From the 1st of October, VAT Registration will be charged at €50 for the UK and DE, and €150 for FE, IT, ES, PL, and CZ.

VAT Filing Services

The new price for VAT Filing Services will be €350 per country although you’ll be charged monthly representing a drop of just over €4 per month. This applies to UK, DE, FE, IT, ES, PL, and CZ.

VAT filing services fee includes Amazon technology fee (€275) and Tax agents’ VAT filing fee (€75). You will be invoiced separately for these services taking the total to €350.

There are discounts for those signing up for 5, 6 or 7 countries of 5%, 20% and 30% respectively.

Fiscal Representation

There is an annual fee of €250 per country for countries where you are using Fiscal Representation services

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