1 billion packages lost or stolen in a year

1 billion packages lost or stolen in a year

Online shoppers taking advantage of Black Friday discounts are being urged to protect their packages from porch pirates as the first global report on parcel theft reveals that the UK has suffered the biggest increase in the rate of stolen and packages lost – with the cost-of-living crisis expected to make this even worse.

The Global Parcel Theft Report 2022 created by Penn Elcom and in partnership with Scurri shows that 12% of people in the UK reported at least one packages lost or stolen between May 2021 and April 2022 – up 5% on the previous 12 months. That amounts to more than eight million parcels, costing UK customers £320 million in missing goods.

With everyone’s budgets stretched more than ever this year, the findings of our report are a wake-up call for online shoppers who want to avoid heartache this Black Friday and when buying online gifts for their loved ones this Christmas.

Everyone wants the convenience of delivery to their home, but if you don’t have somewhere couriers can leave parcels securely out of sight, opting for a Pick Up Drop Off location will ensure your packages aren’t easy pickings on your doorstep.

– Roger Willems, chairman of Penn Elcom

Packages lost or stolen fast stats

  • UK has largest increase of parcels stolen or lost (5%), followed by Australia (3%), Canada (2%), United States (1%) and the UAE (1%)
  • Wales becomes the worst-affected area in the UK
  • One third of UK residents reported concerns around sending or receiving parcels due to loss/theft (36%)
  • 32% of people surveyed in the UK have had a package lost or stolen in their lifetime, which amounts to 21.5 million parcels
  • 4 million UK shoppers say their concerns about parcel security make them reluctant to shop online
  • Globally, close to one in ten people said they had at least one parcel lost or stolen from May 2021 to April 2022, amounting to a staggering 1.009 billion packages, at a total cost of £33.6 billion – more than a 2% increase on the previous 12 months.

17% of Brits say they are anxious about parcel theft, with 60% of these being women. However, 60% of respondents who have investigated parcel theft prevention products are men. Overall, 7.4 million people in the UK have fears that the parcels they send and receive are at risk of being stolen.

Regional results for packages lost

  • Four times more parcel thefts and loss in Wales from the previous 12-month period– up from 4% to 16% – making Wales the worst-affected area in the UK
  • Double the amount of parcel thefts and loss year on year in:
    • Scotland (up 6% to 12%)
    • the Midlands (up from 6% to 12%)
    • the East (up from 5% to 10%)
  • 6% higher rate of overall parcel thefts and loss in the South West compared to the national average (38% parcel issues across respondents’ lifetimes)
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One thing to say, is that if you have sent an item which is "lost" and the carrier won't pay, citing exclusions blah blah, this does not mean you are not entitled to compensation. You need to point out that irrespective of their exclusions, these have to be fair in law. It is also important to note that when you send a parcel this forms a contract for the service, which, if not provided, falls foul of the relevant law regarding failure to provide goods or services as described. They will kick and try not to pay out, but there are consumer forums out there that will help you get compo for items. It would be simpler for many carriers to state the items they WILL compensate for, rather than the long list of "won't compensate" items. Effectively, they are making YOU the customer pay for their negligence. Don't let 'em get away with it. If more customers claimed, they would have to clean up their act.

andy • 22nd November 2022 • Reply to andy

We think loss is Often a failed first time delivery That is just not cared for properly

R • 22nd November 2022 • Reply to R

Unless the courier services are held accountable these numbers will only rise further. We send all goods on a POD service but have seen an alarming increase of goods left unsafe by the couriers. Even Amazon and DPD delivery is poor in conparison to years gone by.

S • 23rd November 2022 • Reply to S