2022 RetailX UK Growth 2000 Report

2022 RetailX UK Growth 2000 Report

The updated 2022 RetailX UK Growth 2000 report is now available to download. This fifth annual report names the 2,000 retailers, brands and marketplaces that follow on from the RetailX UK Top500, published earlier in the year.

Categories from fashion to sports equipment, cookware to pet supplies, and business types from family businesses to digital native brands and marketplaces represented in the annual report. 

This year’s UK Growth 2000 report, published in association with Amazon Supply Chain, Deko, GFS, Movable Ink and Ship Engine, brings fresh insights into the way retailers have raised their ecommerce performance at a time when shoppers are now doing more of their shopping online.

The report comes at a time of economic and political upheaval that adds uncertainty to a cost-of-living crisis sparked by factors including war in Ukraine, Covid-19 and Brexit. In response, shoppers are holding off on major purchases while also partially reversing the online shift that marked Covid-19 lockdowns, as they return to stores but still continue to do more of their shopping online than before the pandemic. The report explores the way that growth-focused companies in the UK are selling online through this uncertain time.

– Ian Jindal, editor-in-chief of RetailX

Practical analysis of the Growth 2000 companies comes through features that set out the context in which UK traders are doing business. As well as naming the 2,000 up and coming retailers that follow on from the Top500, it also names the leading 25 retailers in each of four growth-focused dimensions, Find, Mobile, Delivery, and Checkout. Research is illustrated in a highly practical way through case studies and RetailX graphics that show how retailers perform against G2K metrics, and how that performance has developed over the course of five years of analysis.

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