eBay Royal Mail and Parcelforce Protections

eBay Royal Mail and Parcelforce Protections

In response to the strike action called by the CWU at Royal Mail and Parcelforce protections from eBay are in place for the 24th, 25th, 30th November and 1st December. eBay have also extended expected delivery dates.

Royal Mail and Parcelforce Protections

You may well see dings to seller performance appear on your account but the key message is not to worry. The Royal Mail and Parcelforce protections eBay have in place should see these automatically removed within a few days – eBay are not going to sanction your account because of strike action by the CWU. You can read more on eBay’s reaction to the ongoing industrial action here.

  • Your late delivery rate, which will be removed for transactions with estimated delivery dates until Friday 9 December.
  • Your “item not received” count in your Service Metrics dashboard will be automatically removed.
  • eBay will also remove any negative and neutral feedback relating to or arising from late or non delivery during this period.
  • As always, eBay request that you upload tracking details when you dispatch an item. This helps to keep your buyers informed, and adding tracking details gives you additional protection.

eBay Message to consumers

We are doing everything we can to support our sellers who use Royal Mail to send parcels. The vast majority of the businesses trading on eBay are small independent businesses, so we would ask for your patience and understanding while they work hard during the strikes to ensure that you get your items as soon as possible.

– eBay

To support your sales and minimise disruption, both Evri and DPD are also offering eBay exclusive discounted rates for a limited time when you buy labels on eBay. More information about these labels can also be found on eBay’s Royal Mail Industrial Action page.

New EVRI reduced eBay shipping rates

  • 0-1Kg Postable: £2.64
  • 0-1Kg: £2.75
  • 1-2Kg: £3.58
  • 2-5Kg: £4.99
  • 5-10Kg: £4.99
  • 10-15Kg: £4.99 

New DPD reduced eBay rate

  •  £6.14  from £8.37
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Good. We want to use Royal Mail. Buyers want us to use Royal Mail. The overwhelming message from buyers - as well as contributors to the Ebay messageboard - is that most people do not want to use Evri at ANY cost. They would rather wait and have it delivered by their trusted postman/woman.

Mike • 25th November 2022 • Reply to Mike

I was speaking to a Post worker yesterday and they told me they are just going to ignore all letters ( maybe post large letters), and concentrate on parcels. There are actually better options for parcels anyway so everyone will use a courier for that anyway so they probably won't have parcels so all they will have left is letters anyway. Plus the 9th from what I read they have a whole bunch of strikes after the 9th are these not going ahead???.

SAM • 27th November 2022 • Reply to SAM

What protection?!?! On Thursday they were showing postage on Friday as normal and on Friday - that I've to post on Saturday?!?! Few weeks ago they were showing correctly Monday as a day to post after strikes... Can they finally hire some smart people - and fire morons?!?! Oh wait - then they all would be gone...

Robin • 28th November 2022 • Reply to Robin