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To kick start 2023, eBay UK is encouraging people around the country to join the ReSELLution, to help people declutter unused items from their home and boost their bank balance to fund life’s needs. This comes after new research, carried out by Opinium, found the average household believes they could make £477 by selling items they no longer need. 

eBay UK surveyed Brits and discovered that they have £184 on average to see them through from Boxing Day to January payday, £5.26 of disposable income daily. This really isn’t good news for retailers – although some still have plenty of disposable income, the vast majority of us have been hit hard by rising fuel, energy costs and inflation.

A third of respondents (29%) are setting savings goals and one in five (20%) are selling items online to generate some extra cash. Almost half of the Brits surveyed (44%) are making New Year’s resolutions around saving money, as inflation and the cost of living continues to bite.

For the month of January, those making their very first sale on eBay will not have to pay selling fees on that listing, making the barrier to sell easier and encouraging  people to join the ReSELLution movement.

The ReSELLution aims to help a nation concerned about their finances by selling unused and undesired items in their home. It comes as over half (58%) of the nation declutter their home to make more money, while 15% also highlighted the positive impact it has on their mental health4.

To give those at a loss a helping hand on what items around their home could make the most cash, eBay has revealed the top items the nation could sell in January to ease the payless*: 

Top items (Prices are calculated via the products’ average selling price and sale price may vary)

  1. Bicycle – £284
  2. Tablet – £171
  3. Video Games Console – £158
  4. Smart Watch – £124
  5. Ping Pong Table – £120
  6. Vacuum Cleaner – £86
  7. Hair Dryer – £70
  8. Car seat – £65
  9. Pod & Capsule Coffee Machine – £60
  10. Air bed – £40
  11. Christmas Tree – £38
  12. Juicer – £36

Over the past few months, many of us have had to turn down plans or put them on hold due to the increasing cost of living making us reconsider where we spend. Which is why we’re launching the ReSELLution in January – a movement designed to get the nation decluttering and making some extra cash post-Christmas.  At eBay we’re on a mission to help you save money, but also keep items in circulation and ultimately support your lifestyle as we kick off a new year.

– Emma Grant, Head of Pre-Loved, eBay UK

With millions of shoppers on eBay every month, the online marketplace can help you have a savvy start to 2023 and top up your bank balance. Shoppers can also choose to donate a percentage of their sale earnings to one of the 13,000 charities registered on eBay. 

2 Responses

  1. Right, this one gets trotted out quite frequently to make it seem like people’s houses are full of expensive treasure. Consider “Video game console – £158” – the average price is going to be distorted by new consoles like the PS5 and Xbox Series which are getting £400-£500. The old consoles that people are probably most likely to have lying around, like the Wii or PS1/2/3, are going to be £20-£60 depending on what’s bundled with them. The same principle applies to the other categories listed too. All designed to give false hope to those who are clueless about what is really valuable/sought-after.


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