OnBuy direct payment, WorldFirst and Payoneer launched

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OnBuy direct payment, WorldFirst and Payoneer launched

OnBuy has opened its doors to more potential sellers by introducing direct payment into UK bank accounts for the first time since its launch in 2016.

In a further move to enhance its offering and continue its impressive growth trajectory, the UK online marketplace has also introduced WorldFirst and Payoneer, which will come as a welcome addition to overseas sellers, who are often affected by high international payment fees.

The move means that sellers no longer need to connect PayPal accounts in order to sell on the platform, removing a blocker that has been a deterrent to some in the past.

This change has been welcomed, allowing all sellers to take advantage of OnBuy’s personal service, quick onboarding process and pledge to never compete against its retailers for sales.

The announcement comes hot on the heels of the company being named as Europe’s fastest-growing ecommerce business by the Financial Times. OnBuy was also ranked as one of the country’s fastest-growing companies by Deloitte.

OnBuy is more committed than ever to transform the online retail experience for the better, and our marketplace will now offer sellers more streamlined processes and even better customer service from our team based in the UK.

OnBuy prides itself on working with sellers and championing their success, and the introduction of WorldFirst, Payoneer and direct bank payment is just another example of how seriously our business takes this mission. Our sellers have asked for a stress-free selling experience, easier payments, and access to direct support, and we have listened.

This is the first of many big plans OnBuy has in the works for 2023 – so watch this space!

– Cas Paton, CEO, OnBuy.com

6 Responses

  1. comparison of web traffic on ebay uk and onbuy

    Ebay UK Global rank #106
    Onbuy Global rank #20,618

    (source was similarweb)

    A company that keeps kicking up a lot of dust but actually is achieving very little in terms of breaking the ebay / amazon hold on ecommerce.

    Their own figures show customers spend an average of just £2 per annum on the site. Which is why they are going nowhere and very slowly too.

    Should rename from onbuy to nobuy

    Time to give it up chaps and start a business painting spots on rocking horses.

  2. Ebay’s web traffic rank is not because of buyers, but sellers keep checking the site, tearing their hair out wondering where their next sale is going to come from. It’s dire. At this point, might as well give Onbuy a go. Can’t be any worse. Saw a giant Onbuy billboard near a McDonalds around here the other day – that must be a good sign, surely? Getting their name out there. It’s way overdue for another company to pull their finger out and become a credible alternative to Ebay.

    And let’s not even bring Amazon into it, they are just trash – first 50 results is the same awful low-quality Chinese junk the same as what you can buy on AliExpress but 10x the price, then they bung the Daily Mail for shed loads of adverts for it…

  3. Onbuy is a joke. They failed my verification for no reason after selling on their for years. They only place the get PR from is this site.

  4. Well now hang on just a minute. Onbuy sellers hardly sell anything that I sell, but I do notice a very large sex section… that’s probably where that business will gravitate to, then. A competitor for Lovehoney maybe?

  5. Onbuy are also doing away with their subscription waiver for those months when you sell below a certain amount. For us that is every month.

    We’ve optimisticly kept our products on their site, but now we can no longer justify it. I suspect the vast majority of sellers will feel the same. I suspect ‘Europe’s fastest growing ecommerce business’ will be going over a cliff edge in 2023.


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