eBay June ’23 Seller Release – Promoted Listings Standard

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eBay today announced that they are introducing two new features for Promoted Listings Standard that will make managing and understanding your ad rates much simpler. These new features are:

  • Dynamic ad rates. You can now choose between a fixed or dynamic ad rate strategy where your ad rates can automatically be adjusted based on eBay’s daily suggestions.
  • Ad rate forecasting. You’ll soon see a performance indicator when creating or editing a campaign that predicts how well your campaign could do (called your estimated impression share) based on the current ad rate you’ve set.

You now have the option to choose a dynamic ad rate strategy when setting up or editing an automated or simple Promoted Listings Standard campaign. Previously, only a fixed ad rate strategy was available for simple campaigns. Being able to select the dynamic ad rate option means that your ad rates can now automatically be adjusted to match eBay’s daily suggestions (up to a cap you set). eBay say that this new feature will help to save you time and make it easier to stay competitive across the marketplace.

To use this feature, select the dynamic ad rate option when creating or editing a simple or automated campaign. Once selected, your ad rate will automatically align to the daily suggested ad rate.

Before launching a campaign, you’ll soon be able to see how your ad rate may impact your advertising performance and buyer reach. eBay’s new ad rate forecasting feature will provide you with a real-time prediction of your estimated impression share during the campaign setup process and on your campaign details page. With this information, you’ll be able to extend your potential ad reach, and budget your spending accordingly to help boost the performance of your campaign.

Once the feature becomes fully available this summer, it’ll appear on both your campaign creation page and campaign details page. When adjusting your ad rate, you’ll be able to see how increasing or decreasing your spending may impact the performance of your campaigns.

It’s worth remembering that eBay Promoted Listings Standard can appear in about 60 different positions across the site.

9 Responses

  1. Not many UK sellers left in my catogorie, is there any where to get figures total listing’s and registered UK sellers perhaps over 18 months old as most foreign accounts vanish by then?

  2. A complete lack of transparency as to what the “suggested rates” are based on. Pluck a number out of thin air at the moment it seems without any data to back up the rate.

  3. Stopped promoting my listings, saving me 10% on fees and sales have risen. Go figure

  4. Major brands open new stores on ebay but then don’t stick around very long once they find out how bad ebay treats sellers with defects and metrics. Argos and Hamleys Toy Store just a couple of big brands that no longer sell on ebay.

  5. If you are selling items that are so saturated that you have to pay extra to get them seen, you need to find something else to sell, no?

    Ebay is exploiting seller laziness and does not need to grow the customer base any more.

    They just sit there and take more off those sellers who will keep paying, so shareholders keep getting payouts.

    Go figure.


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