SnapChap My AI – 10bn messages from 150m people

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SnapChap My AI - 10bn messages from 150m people

SnapChat My AI has now received over 10 billion messages from 150 million people according to the company. Conversational AI was rolled out to Snapchatters globally with new features in April this year.

This is interesting as while Snapchatters are using My AI for things like party planning tips, restaurant recommendations, or sports news, Snap are working on ways to insert use commercially-oriented content into conversations with My AI, opening up new channels for brands and retailers to advertise on the platform.

My AI features

  • Personalise My AI: My AI comes with one of thousands of unique Bitmoji variations and can be easily customised to make it truly your own. Design a custom Bitmoji for your AI, give it a name, and start chatting. 
  • Bring My AI into Conversations with Friends: It’s easy to bring My AI into any of your conversations with friends. Simply @ mention My AI and ask a question on behalf of the group. It will be clear when an AI has entered the chat and includes a sparkle next to its name. 
  • Snapchat Recommendations: My AI surfaces place recommendations from the Snap Map and suggests relevant Lenses. For example, you can ask My AI to suggest weekend activities for your family or get the perfect Lens recommendation to wish a friend a happy birthday.
  • Share Snaps with My AI: The Snapchat community can send Snaps to My AI and receive a chat reply.
  • Watch It Snap You Back: With over 55,000 Snaps created on Snapchat every second on average, Snapping is a natural way that the community stays in touch. Soon Snapchat+ subscribers will be able to Snap My AI and get a unique generative Snap back that keeps the visual conversation going!

Snapchat are also experimenting with new ways that My AI can surface useful information at the right moment during conversations. This includes early testing of sponsored links to connect the community with partners relevant to the conversation in the moment, while helping partners reach Snapchatters who have indicated potential interest in their offerings.

Conversational Intent

Snapchat are also beginning to test ways that conversational AI within Snapchat can lead to more engaging experiences for their community, including by bringing Snapchatters mobile video powered by conversational intent for the first time. They are building this capability in two ways:

  • Snapchat are able to use conversations with My AI to enhance a key optimisation that they offer advertisers, called Snapchat Lifestyle Categories (SLCs). These categories are historically based on factors like which content a Snapchatter watches. New signals from conversations with My AI will now help the company enhance the quality and depth of SLCs, ultimately boosting the relevance of the ads Snapchatters see on the app.
  • Snapachat are developing ways to use commercially-oriented conversations with My AI to enhance their foundational ranking models, which has the potential to improve the relevance of the content, augmented reality, and advertising experiences we serve across Snapchat.

The company are continuing early testing of sponsored links, which connect their users with partners relevant to their conversation in that moment, while helping partners reach Snapchatters who have indicated potential interest in their offerings. This is in an experimental phase to ensure design of thoughtful, useful experiences for the community and the company say that they will share more as the offering evolves. 


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