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Exciting news for the British tech industry today, a company has released a UK grown AI ecom and data analytics solution which promises to revolutionise the way retailers connect with their consumers.

Rezolve AI Limited, a UK AI innovator announced the introduction of its transformative AI platform, ‘Brain’. This development promises to catalyse a new era of ecommerce interaction and data analysis, further boosting the UK’s reputation in the global AI arena.


‘Brain’ allows users to interact with ecommerce sites conversationally via text or voice in 95 different languages, asking detailed questions and getting responses that shows in-depth product knowledge. This innovation redefines product discovery and customer interaction with a previously unseen level of personalised service.

Dan Wagner, a veteran tech-entrepreneur and CEO and Chairman of Rezolve gave me a demo and frankly it’s impressive. Got a chinese consumer shopping on your website? Not a problem, they can submit questions to Brain in chinese and receive answers in chinese, even if you’ve never had your website translated. And this is not just a search engine, feed Brain your data in whatever format you have whether it be tell it to scrape your website or send it an SQL spreadsheet and then it’s ready for conversational interrogation by customers.

The big problem Dan tells me, is us humans have been trained to work in a dysfunctional manner, starting our search with a few hopeful keywords and then perhaps narrowing down our search with tick boxes and category menus. You can forget all that with Brain, and give customers the ability to ask complex search questions such as “I’m going to my best friends wedding in July and need a gift, they like gardening, cycling holidays and gourmet dining, what would you recommend?”

But that’s just product, what if you’re a services type business where queries can be even more complex. For instance, take travel, you can ask Brain “I’m in Rhodes and want to get home, what’s the first plane back to the UK with seats for four adults and can you recommend a connection back home to Reading from wherever the plane lands?”

This conversational style of asking detailed queries and receiving responses that exhibit deep product understanding and relevance really is a game changer and better even than those gift sites that ask who the present is for (male/female, friend/relation, mother/sister/aunt etc). These interactions can be carried out in any one of 95 different languages allowing instant interaction regardless of nationality and retail store. This approach to product discovery and customer interaction revolutionises the ecommerce landscape, offering a level of personalised service previously unseen.


Meanwhile, ‘myBrain’, built on the same robust AI platform, enables businesses and consumers to analyse their own content effectively.

So myBrain differs from Brain in that I can feed it the content I want it to respond to. As a journalist, I’m already imagining the next time the government drops a fifteen hundred page report… I can upload it to myBrain and ask for an instant summary. And then when it’s too complex and I don’t understand the summary (which happens all too often!) I can ask it to simplify and explain it in language a five year old would understand.

And of course, there’s nothing to stop me uploading multiple bits of content and asking myBrain for an overall summary of the related (or unrelated) bits of content.

All of this is of course early days and doubtless Rezolve will continue to develop their large language models and AI capability. But three cheers for the British tech industry… it’s great to see cutting edge developments coming out of the UK.

Brain is more than a product; it is a catalyst for a new era of business efficiency, empowering organisations to harness data and deliver superior customer experiences. Britain has always been at the forefront of developments in search and retrieval and from the early 90s I have been working with the very best minds from Cambridge University in shaping computer-aided text and image retrieval. Brain is the culmination of decades of sophisticated British technical engineering and Brain today leads the world in Natural Language Processing and Large Language Models engineered for commerce.

Dan Wagner, CEO and Chairman ,Rezolve

Rezolve’s Brain is yet another example of great British AI innovation. AI has the potential to transform our public services, create better jobs and grow our economy. Alongside our global leadership on AI safety, the Department of Science, Innovation and Technology is driving innovation throughout the UK, creating the environment for companies to start-up and grow.

Michelle Donelan, Secretary of State for Science, Innovation, and Technology

Rezolve’s conversational AI offering – Brain – is perfectly aligned with the changing trends in the retail industry and has the potential to be a game-changer. Not only is it enhancing the consumer experience and driving business growth, but it also delivers real-time insights using Data & AI/ML (machine learning), at scale. Brain is at the vanguard of AI developments based on distributed computing, federated data architecture, effective AI/ML models and an open API interface providing a plug & play experience for B2C & B2B customers and their ecosystems.

Saurabh Chandra, Managing Director, Boston Consulting Group’s Platinion


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