Generative AI, Metaverse, AR & VR at ChannelX World

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Generative AI, Metaverse, AR & VR at ChannelX World

Taking place on the 11th of October, ChannelX World will be the place to hear from brands and discover how they are implementing key new technologies – Generative AI, Metaverse, AR & VR – in real life applications. You’ll hear from, Virtua and Alibaba, with speakers sharing cutting edge implementations that you can take back and apply to your own business.

Mastering Generative AI So You Do Not Get Left Behind

Charlotte Munro

Global Product Marketing – Generative AI, BOOKING.COM

As we approach 2024, the rise of Generative AI has been unprecedented, offering exciting possibilities like personalized video content and dynamic customer interactions.

Explore the implications of this technology for marketplace marketing, including mastering Generative AI like Chat GPT to engage customers with authentic messaging & next level personalisation. Dive into the challenges of creating compelling product or service descriptions and titles that capture attention in an era where visual content can no longer be blindly trusted.

What strategies and best practices should you adopt & adapt? Join Booking’s Generative AI guru to stay ahead of the curve.

Getting Prepared For Web3 & The Metaverse

Donna Chen

Marketing Director, Virtua

Web3 technologies enable advanced (& secure) experiences, all vital for future focussed commerce success. The metaverse is still in its infancy, some who believe its a fad, others who are fully integrating it as a sales channel. Where do you sit?

Brands who can create seamless virtual experiences that allow customers to shop in niche verticals such as gaming, are seeing success. Where to start? How can you research? When will I see ROI?

We all still have many questions, come find the answers with Marketing Director of gaming metaverse, products & marketplace, Virtua.

AR & VR. The New Kids On The Block You Can No Longer Ignore

Mei Chen

GM, Head of Fashion, Luxury & Lifestyle, Alibaba Group

AR and VR technologies are being increasingly integrated into marketplaces & social commerce to enhance the online shopping experience. Customers can visualize products in their physical environment, providing a more immersive and interactive journey. What new technology can help optimize your product listings? Whether a small or large merchant or brand, what is key to selling via AR or VR? Let’s find out from one of the biggest in the business, Alibaba.


ChannelX World will be back in 2024

ChannelX World will be back in 2024 (hopefully without a fire alarm!)

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Last call: Get your ChannelX World Tickets now!

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