Selfnamed print-on-demand dropship cosmetics

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Selfnamed print-on-demand dropship cosmetics

Selfnamed, a self-service platform for print-on-demand in the ecommerce and cosmetics industries, is launching publicly after a successful beta program including 10k+ pre-launch customers across Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States

The startup was born out of MADARA Cosmetics to serve a marketplace crying out for affordable, sustainable options when starting a line of ethical skin care products. This cutting-edge initiative aligns with significant growth and innovation in the natural beauty industry. Selfnamed aims to democratise the sector’s merchandising, production, and fulfilment by offering a sustainable and inclusive alternative.

Headquartered in Riga, Selfnamed was founded by experts at MADARA Cosmetics, tired of the incumbent cosmetic industry’s slow adoption of natural policies, ingredients, and recyclables. This came in parallel to the growing demands of pandemic-driven entrepreneurs wanting to start a business or side hustle. They saw an opportunity to walk a new path whilst serving thousands of potential customers in the process.

Entrepreneurs’ natural product ranges automatically comply with the Ecocert COSMOS* Framework, bringing EU-regulated, trustworthy skincare to customers worldwide.

Products can be shipped direct to customer (D2C) through platforms inc Shopify and Woo Commerce, drastically reducing the need for cold-storage facilities and excess travel time, distance and pollution.

Selfnamed is not simply a new business; we are starting a movement towards a more inclusive, sustainable, and ethical approach to cosmetics. Our platform empowers entrepreneurs of all scales to launch a line of natural skincare products without barriers of cost or minimum order quantities. By surpassing the stringent regulatory standards, we ensure that every product created through Selfnamed is a testament to quality and sustainability and all our customers are compliant. We strive for innovation and inclusivity in the beauty sector today and always. Together we are shaping a future where beauty is synonymous with responsibility and care for our planet.

– Anete Vabule, CEO and Co-Founder, Selfnamed

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and European Union (EU) funded Horizon 2020 programme, supported the platform and the digitalisation of the company’s business model. Through this online platform, Selfnamed offers a simplified solution that enables users to choose a formula, personalise sustainable packaging with their branding, and order quantities that align with their needs and budget.

Unlike competitors, there is no minimum order quantity (MOQ) with Selfnamed, which allows even the smallest entrepreneur to grow a profitable business. Entrepreneurs are further bolstered by Selfnamed’s D2C automatic fulfilment integrations with both Shopify and Woo, enabling print-on-demand drop-shipping direct to the consumer. This approach of print-on-demand drop-shipping has the potential to save around 215 kWh per sqm, equating to a CO2 reduction of 1.4 tonnes for a 30 sqm warehouse, and removes the issues of millions of tons of cosmetics sitting in air-conditioned warehouses worldwide, often reaching sell-by-dates and ending up in landfill.

The service allows businesses to sidestep the complexities of stockholding and distribution, resulting in cost savings and a more sustainable future. Whereas competitor products are often made in the Far East with hard-to-track supply chains, Selfnamed’s production facilities are 100 percent powered by renewable electricity within the European Union. This approach removes supply-chain questionability and drastically cuts shipping distances and fuel consumption, doubling down on sustainability, trust and accountability.

Selfnamed has demonstrated substantial success during its beta phase, underscoring its potential to disrupt the beauty industry with a steadfast commitment to sustainability and flexibility—along with a seamless user experience. It’s evident that a platform dedicated to democratising the beauty sector’s merchandising and production has resonated with a market hungry for change, giving small and medium-sized companies the chance to break into the beauty market.

I am immensely proud to see that Selfnamed is successfully carrying forward MADARA Cosmetics’ mission of making natural, high-quality cosmetics accessible to a wide community. Sitting at an intersection of innovation and democratic service, Selfnamed is our spearhead that leads the way in opening up new possibilities for customer encounters with cosmetics.

– Gunta Sulte, CEO, MADARA Cosmetics



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