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ChannelX, formerly Tamebay, is the leading online resource of news and information for retailers, powersellers and ecommerce SMEs selling on marketplaces.

Founded in 2006 to help eBay sellers, ChannelX’s scope has grown dramatically over the years to encompass Amazon and all other marketplaces. ChannelX has a reputation as the “go-to” hub for all things ecommerce.

ChannelX reaches out to its readers via daily newsletters and social media. Editor Chris Dawson is well known faces at ebusiness events and ecommerce meet-ups all over Britain and further afield. Aside from daily news and practical help content ChannelX also produces a product search that showcases the variety of tools and services available in the industry. This comprehensive and focused guide offers an unparalleled resource for savvy online SMEs. Find out more at receives 150,000 unique visitors and 200,000 page impressions every monthrequest the media pack here.

“When anyone asks me about an online resource for ecommerce, I send them to ChannelX. For years, this blog has been the font of all knowledge and first to market with ecommerce news and tips. It’s objective, current and always a pleasure to read.”

Emma Jones MBE, Founder of

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“ChannelX is the most useful ecommerce information site I have come across. I have signed up with three ecommerce services that I heard about first on ChannelX in the last three weeks.” Bryn Morgan, Multi-channel marketplace seller.


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