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eBay seller rewards (now renamed “eBay Rewards“) is now complemented with a new PayPal Percentage Rule. For high spenders who have a turnover greater than £10,000 in sales per month on eBay they can gain rebates based on the percentage of eBay sales paid for via PayPal. The bigger the increase in the proportion of sales paid for with PayPal the greater the reward, which tops at at 100% (when eBay have achieved their goal of all your sales being paid for via PayPal).

This promotion is aimed squarely at encouraging the larger eBay merchants to accept PayPal, and of course coupled with eBay Rewards to pay more eBay fees. As Sue pointed out though it’s not all about simply listing more products, canny sellers will be more interested in keeping listing fees down and increasing sales and thus final value fees to gain rewards.

The one thing eBay have left to do with the PayPal Percentage Rule is introduce a bonus for staying at 100% of sales with PayPal, maybe they could consider a payment if all sales over a three month period were paid with PayPal to encourage sellers to continue using PayPal exclusively.

The introduction of eBay rewards bumped their share price a couple of notches – it’ll be interesting to see the reaction of investors and analysts to the new PayPal Percentage Rule.

2 Responses

  1. A thought:

    “eBay Seller Rewards” has been renamed “eBay Rewards”. They’ve introduced the PayPal Percentage Rule which in addition to the original Seller Reward is aimed at people listing on eBay.

    How long until they introduce “eBay Buyer Rewards” and is that why the program is now titled “eBay Rewards”?

  2. Bring it ON!!! Buyer rewards would be a great idea. How about eBay giving them 1% cashback on everything they spend via Paypal? 😀


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