Imported off road mini motorbikes under investigation

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Coroner David Master is writing to trading standards condemning some off road motorbikes as lethal weapons that should never have been imported into the UK. The BBC reports a 110cc Loncin model burst into flames when it crashed, due to the substandard design, killing a teenage rider last September.

The motorbike in question was imported from China and sold on eBay, in fact several Loncin products are still up for sale this morning. Sellers should be aware that if they import goods other countries have different safety standards and it is their responsibility to ensure products meet with all UK regulations. Whilst there is always a demand for goods at competitive prices in this case tragically it cost a life.

Trading Standards are well aware of safety issues with mini motorbikes. A report by Tameside Trading Standards in August last year found every bike tested failed even the most basic of visual tests:

Any sellers supplying this type of product should ensure they meet with UK safety standards

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  1. oh man, this stuff is a MINEFIELD. I assume the bikes were carrying CE marking? Product compliance is a big deal and the european consumer has a very big handle on that stick to beat you with. Anyone importing/manufacturing/selling stuff in Europe MUST have a DoC ( Declaration of Conformity) for all products that require them. Note: not all products do, but most do. CE MArking on a product states that the product meets all applicable directives – but its the DoC that tells you to what! – and in many cases I have seen dodgy DoC’s.

    This snippet is from a defective product directive:

    “Whereas protection of the consumer requires that all producers involved in the production process should be made liable, in so far as their finished product, component part or any raw material supplied by them was defective; whereas, for the same reason, liability should extend to importers of products into the Community and to persons who present themselves as producers by affixing their name, trade mark or other distinguishing feature or who supply a product the producer of which cannot be identified;
    Whereas, in situations where several persons are liable for the same damage, the protection of the consumer requires that the injured person should be able to claim full compensation for the damage from any one of them.”

    I have dealt with this stuff at work and I can tell you most of the grief comes from competitors testing your stuff then having a whinge about non-compliance. the other choice one is a customer trying to break a contract. Lawyers dont really understand it (of course they claim to) and they make a killing fleecing you.

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