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If you’re already using Auctionpix’s rather neat slideshow on your eBay auctions, you might like to know that it’s also available as a Facebook application. I’m a big fan of featuring eBay items off-eBay: whether it’s on your blog, your Facebook profile, MySpace page or wherever, it’s making your eBay items visible to people who may not normally shop on eBay, and that has to help bring the new buyers in.

As with the original version of the slideshow, you can choose one particular seller’s items (most probably your own!) to show off, or you can enter your favourite search words and use the slideshow to spot things you might like to buy yourself, all without having to leave the comfort of Facebook.

5 Responses

  1. Thanks Sue.

    Just working on an update for it (we do listen to users)

    Adding additional entry boxes (3 I think) – to allow for the eBay SlideShow to pull auctions from multiple seller ID’s as requested.

  2. Looks good Chris.

    I must say, I am rather chuffed with it, one of my ‘better ideas’ , and the challenge now is to see if it can get more users than eBay’s own ‘eBay to Go’ widget ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hello Eddie,

    A splendid application. Pleased to hear that you’ve found a way of addding support for multiple id’s. (thank you).

    Good luck with it


  4. Eddie, did you see my post in the forum?

    What did I do wrong that my auctionpix gallery goes to .ie not to .co.uk where I would expect it to?



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