US/UK visibility restored for Collectables

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Finally some good news for UK sellers regarding visibility on the .com site: in collectables categories, it’s going to be restored. The quid pro quo is that US listings will show up on eBay UK, but for most sellers, this will be a price worth paying for access to the much larger American market.

There are of course some conditions:

  • the item must be listed in the Antiques, Art, Coins, Collectables, Dolls & Bears, Pottery, Porcelain & Glass or Stamps categories
  • PayPal must be one of the payment options offered
  • the price of international postage (to the UK for US sellers, and vice versa) must be specified
  • the item must be located in the UK if listing on, and in the US if listing on .com
  • one additional condition for US sellers only: they must have feedback of 100 or more, at 98% positive.

eBay are careful to emphasise that this is a test: items will show on the other site by default “at least until the new year”, but don’t count on it as a permanent state of affairs. Of course, this won’t please sellers who list in categories outside the Collectables area, nor Irish sellers who have been equally badly hit by the loss of US visibility. But for some, this change should bring Christmas a little earlier this year.

11 Responses

  1. This is going to be interesting…

    I for one, see no reason to revert back to the UK site, but it will be interesting to see what some of the other sellers do…

  2. Yet another paypal push. If you look at the items in those categories most are categories with the LOWEST paypal penetration…

  3. And us UK-UK sellers in Dolls and Bears will be swamped by .com listings, happy christmas! bah humbug.

  4. and if your a tad ambiguous with your second category
    you might even get US visibility on a lot of other categories

  5. Visibility was removed for Irish sellers at the same time as for UK sellers. It has not been restored via the recent change. eBay’s stance on it (discussion boards, Richard Ambrose) is that eBay doesn’t want Asian sellers flooding the dot com marked so they have decided not to allow IRISH sellers automatic visibility.

    Go figure……….

    See Ireland Trading Board…. it’s found via the list of Discussion boards – not via the dropdown menu – on eBay Community.



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