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Last night the final Best Offer changes rolled on eBay and you can now auto accept Best Offers from buyers ๐Ÿ˜€
Auto Accept Best Offer
Currently you’ll need to edit your listings direct in the Sell Your Item form, as it’s not yet implemented in TurboLister. Also editing listings in bulk only allows you to offer Best Offer, not set accept/decline prices. Once it’s available in TurboLister and other 3rd party tools this will be the most useful feature on eBay. I’ve always believed the quicker a transaction can be completed the better the buyer experience, and the more likely the seller is to be paid promptly. Auto accepting Best Offers makes so much sense.

A word of caution for those about to rush and edit all their listings, think carefully about the thresholds you set for auto declining Best Offers. If you have multiple item listings you may have one price you’d accept for a single item, and a lower price if someone buys in bulk. Set the auto decline at the lowest possible price you’d accept if someone was willing to purchase your entire inventory. Otherwise you’ll be declining offers that you may have been willing to accept.

I’m still convinced this is the best site change eBay have made in years, it’s a great day for buyers and sellers alike. Faster transactions are good for everyone including eBay themselves.

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  1. one nice thing about ChannelAdvisor, which has had this feature for many months already (aprox. 8 months ago in the UK), is that you can set the auto accept values dynamically relative to your Retail, Starting, Reserve, BIN, Seller Cost, Second Chance, or Store Price.



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