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Guest buying (buying without registering on eBay) is now available to on eBay UK. I loved this when it was introduced on .com, and I love it even more now.

One little caveat: the UK announcement reads “Your current PayPal settings will apply – if you require buyers to pay with a confirmed address, your Guest Buyers will need to do so as well.” This PayPal setting is only available to US sellers: UK sellers will have to make the decision to take the risk to ship, or reject the payment, which is hardly a great buyer experience. Hopefully, therefore, eBay will take the decision to make this filter available to UK sellers as well.

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  1. So, just for the idiots amongst us – how do we turn this on? Or does it happen automatically?

  2. Has this feature had a positive effect on US eBay sales and sellers? For the UK just entering the Christmas crunch time, its seems folly to introduce a feature with sellers under pressure.

    Channeladvisor users and other third party checkout users will find it a pain as the purchase will only be made though eBay checkout and the sale could be missed? Is there a way to stop guest buyers?

    Or will any seller using a third party checkout be excluded automatically?


  3. Liz, the US only had it a few days longer than the UK, so I don’t think they have had time to judge.

    Third party checkout users will – as I understand it – be excluded automatically. If you as a seller are not eligible for guest buyers, you will not get guest buyers.

  4. Liz, I went to leave a comment on your blog but comments don’t seem to be installed/working on there, so…

    I don’t get why sellers would be against this. If you have PayPal seller protection, that’s as much as you’re ever going to have. If you operate a website and take credit cards directly, you probably don’t have any more protection there either. Selling on the net puts you at risk of fraudsters, just like having a real life shop puts you at risk of shoplifters.

    Seriously, has anyone who’s just lost money to a scam buyer EVER thought “oh well, I can neg them so who cares about the money?” I doubt it very much somehow :^O

  5. I am just reflecting my personal views as a seller and the views of those in forums and on blogs. I will add your comment manually. I think as I was getting a lot of blog spam that I disabled them! I have never had much luck with eBay seller protection, and neither have the accounts I manage. Fraud is a huge problem on eBay as it is and this option COULD make it easier, the proof will be in the pudding, why it had to be a Christmas pudding escapes me!

    I hope eBay prove me wrong.



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