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Markdown Manager is getting two new features this week. The first is the ability to email anyone who has subscribed to your email marketing lists to inform them you’ve started a sale. By default this will be turned on, so if you’d prefer to send a customised email make sure you untick the boxes to stop the automatic email being sent. Don’t forget this will count towards your free email marketing allocation so make the best use of it (although traditionally email marketing is one of the most under utilised features of eBay shops so sending anything will be an improvement for many sellers).

Sale ItemsThe other change that will be added is the ability for sale items to be searched for by buyers. In a drop down, in the left navigation bar under buying options, buyers will be able to specifically look for reduced cost products. Whether this will come to the UK site remains to be seen. There are still significant differences between Markdown Manager in the US and UK, such as the ability to add Buy It Now listings to sales in the US. In the UK only Shop Inventory Format listings that have been live on the site for over 28 days are eligible to be included as sale items.

Making it easy for sellers to send email marketing and giving buyers the ability to search for items on sale makes perfect sense though. It can only encourage more sellers to use Markdown Manager to attract business.

2 Responses

  1. Rather amusingly the new messaging regarding emails includes a warning stating that as required by US Federal law your address will be included in the emails.

    We’re happy to confirm that not only do the Feds not have jurisdiction in the UK, but also that your address is not divulged to your customers on emails from UK shops. 😉

  2. The text-only version of the email leaves a lot to be desired though. No links to individual items on sale as there is in the HTML version, just a solitary link to your shop (not even the sale section of the shop).



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