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Markdown manager has a bug in it! I don’t know what triggers it, but occasionally items are ending and instead of reverting to the original listing price they’re remaining at the marked down price even though they’re no longer showing that the price is discounted.

Markdown Manager ErrorWhat’s even worse is that if you then start a new sale the price is marked down again so the buyer is getting double discount. An example of this is a product which was originally listed at £55.00 and marked down to £41.25 (25% off) when entered into a new sale (at 25% off) ended up with a price of £30.94. As you can imagine sales on that item were suddenly brisk and I was losing money rapidly, until I spotted the problem and ended the listing.

This isn’t the only time I’ve spotted the problem, I have that was originally listed at £14.99, was entered into a Markdown Manager sale with 25% off, and now the sale has ended the price has stayed at the discounted £11.24. eBay support are aware of the issue and working on a fix but in the mean time it’s worth checking your listings when a sale ends.


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  1. In the US, it also doesn’t end sometimes when it should.

    I set a 3 day sale on a store item. An hour before the sale ends it states to the lookers that there is less than an hour left. ok fine.
    The only problem is, it said that and continued the sale for 15 more days until the item actually ended.

    That was the longest hour I have ever seen!

  2. We have had nothing but problems with Markdown Manager. However, we have never had this particular problem!

    We can never seem to add new items to a particular sale, which is incredibly frustrating. Then we will set up a new sale and it never seems to take. Frustrating, frustrating, frustrating!

    We have stopped using Markdown Manager due to these bugs, which really stinks because the listings look better when they say they are X% off.

  3. Crumbs, thanks for letting us know about this one, I was planning to use it in Jan, what a nightmare!!!!

    It is such a shame as it does look fab to be able to say 20% off etc,
    Another aspect broken. Does anything work as it should any more?
    Suz x

  4. I’m so glad I saw this (and glad you wrote it:)) I was about to go in and try that for the first time. Maybe I will just announce a sale in the auctions-better than having some major mess up.
    Thanks much!

  5. What eBay don’t tell you when using Markdown Manager is that the item you want to markdown must have been on sale for at least 28 days before at full price. I think this is law in the UK, I found out by trial and error and it now works fine.


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