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I guess the papers are short of stories in the week between Christmas and New Year, because the “unwanted Christmas presents sold on eBay” story has been everywhere. “Auction off your dud presents” advises the Telegraph, before rehashing Dan Wilson‘s how to eBay series from this summer. The Mirror includes eBay in a list of ways to get rid of unwanted gifts. Even the BBC gets in on the act.

Nun, with pantsBut the prize for best version of the regifting story goes to a surprising winner: Tazbar. “Were your Christmas presents pants?” asks their email. And comes with this delightful image. Would could resist? 😀

4 Responses

  1. Yes I got that email from Tazbar. As I’ve never managed to sell a damn thing on Tazbar (unlike Ebid where I’ve sold a few things) I just deleted it.

  2. Great advert, but as Tazbar have yet to find any customers it’s a bit wasted. Still can’t say they haven’t made the effort.
    I have mananged to sell one thing on Tazbar this year, pity the buyer never paid or responded to email or it would have beaten Ebid by 100%!

  3. I think both Tazbar and Ebid need to put some serious effort (and money) into attracting buyers, and by buyers, I mean people who ONLY buy, not people who buy because they’re on there selling too. Both sites seem like they’re going in the right direction: they look slicker and more professional than they did a year ago, and they seem to have devoted communities around them, but so far, I don’t see either of them bringing buyers in in the droves they would need to. And I can’t see that “pissed off ex-eBay sellers buying and selling amongst themselves” is enough, somehow.

  4. Actually I have sold 43 items on Ebid in the last year. Not enough to consider actually switching from Ebay to Ebid, but not bad I suppose, especially as there are no listing fees and the FVFs are considerably lower. And I only have jewellery BINs listed there, no CDs at all.

    Nothing at all on Tazbar though.


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