Stella Artois takes advertising to gaming

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Stella Artois takes advertising to gaming

This Wednesday, Stella Artois will make their first foray into the virtual world of gaming, with the launch of Stella Artois Unfiltered mod packs and the picturesque fictional French village scene from its iconic ‘Beer, au Naturel’ TV advert, available to download and use in The Sims.

Advertisers will be watching this move with interest as their ‘Play Au Naturel’ a Twitch live stream will take product placement beyond a mere advert into an immersive experience in a much loved game. Players can join the live stream and enter the competition for the chance to win a limited edition prize by tweeting a screenshot of their nude Sim enjoying a Stella Artois Unfiltered with the hashtag #PlayAuNaturel, ensuring plenty of product placement on Twitter during the event.

Connecting with a new gaming audience, the bespoke world has been created by gaming enthusiast Devon Bumpkin, with mod downloads, including a Stella Artois Unfiltered Chalice, Stella Artois Unfiltered bottle and branded beer tap, created by content creator Hey Harrie, along with a selection of naked characters modelled on those who appear in the TV ad.

Devon will be hosting a live ‘Play Au Naturel’ gaming stream on Twitch, playing as the unclothed waiter from the TV advert, to give viewers a step by step run through of the game play, as well as sharing behind the scenes footage of the content creation process.

With over half of Sims players (55%) admitting that getting naked is one of their favourite activities to partake in when playing the game, but 44% saying they feel shame when playing the game in the nude, Stella Artois wants to encourage a liberated mindset that aligns so perfectly with their current marketing and naturally unfiltered beer.

I’ve loved bringing the Stella Artois Unfiltered beer, characters and backdrop to the virtual world of The Sims. The au naturel way of life in the TV advert is a fun and tongue-in-cheek look at being liberated and enjoying life’s simple pleasures, which perfectly reflects the escapism that people get from playing The Sims.

– Devon Bumpkin, creator of the Stella Unfiltered mods

Having brought the ’Beer, au Naturel’ message to life in our ATL campaigns, we’re so excited to be able to give gamers the opportunity to experience our naturally unfiltered beer in a virtual world. Now they too can be as naked as the beer we’ve created. We hope that our Unfiltered characters, scenes and mods will be the go-to virtual choices for liberal those Sims players looking to enjoy a Stella Artois Unfiltered in their natural state

– Meg Chadwick, Stella Senior Brand Manager

Stella Artois Unfiltered will be running an offer with delivery partner Getir on 4-packs of Stella Unfiltered, with customers getting 20% off. The offer commences on Play Au Naturel day (8th February) and is running until 14th February 2023, available UK wide.

The ‘Play, Au Naturel’ Twitch Live Stream will be taking place at 6pm. The custom Stella Unfiltered mod pack can be downloaded on Curseforge by searching ‘#PlayAuNaturel’, from 8th February.

4 Responses

  1. 1. So a beer company is not only advertising to children, but encouraging them to get naked?
    2. What on Earth has any of this got to do with online marketplaces? If I want thinly-veiled advertorials I already have the Daily Mail…

    1. We don’t just cover marketplace, we cover new channels and new routes to market. If not relevant for you please feel free to ignore. PS Stella didn’t give us any beers!

  2. We can remember a time when stella artois was bottom (pun intended) end beer ,in little bottles ,smuggled back from your holiday in europe



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