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Competitions are the name of the game this month, not only are Bling! It and TameBay offering you the chance to win 1 of 20 copies of Bling! It! but 3mobilebuzz is offering the chance to win one, two or even three Skypephones!

Entries are already coming in for the Bling! It competition and you can see some of them in the TameBay forum. I’m particularly impressed with the superb product shot of a trainer which took hopecouture just 45 seconds to create.

However someone has gone one better, Jade has won the “Bling! of the Month” with their entry into the Bling! It competition and has already won a free copy of the Bling! It software. Steve Nelson of Bling! It told us “We feel Jade has truly captured the way in which Bling! It can transform product shots. The finished result looks great!”

Before Bling!…………….. After Bling! It

Hopecouture are spreading their wings and have also entered the 3mobilebuzz competition with a novel entry. They’re using eBay Matchups comparing the 3 Skypephone to the iPhone, Skype on a PC, expensive Mobile Phone Bills and even using the 3 Skypephone vs emailing an eBay seller.

Meanwhile Dave has been reading TameBay, heard about the 3mobilebuzz competition and submitted a video entry hosted on vzaar. He’s so keen to win he’s even scrapped his old Nokia in the hope of receiving a shiny new Skypephone!


There’s still time for you to enter both competitions, the 3 Skypephone competition ends on Monday 17th December and the Bling! It competition closes for entries on Wednesday 19th December.

24 Responses

  1. Thanks Rosie, I created that image in a few minutes, I had literally 2 practices and on the 3rd and subsequent attempts I was getting the kind of results you can see with the ski trousers. I’m going to gradually replace all my images (apart from those that look better “staged”) with bling it!

    I have to admit that I really like the flying sneaker picture, it was my favorite bling along with the Pendant one by Sue on the forum https://www.tamebaynew.wpengine.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=538 I think that either one of those are actually better than my image and I am surprised I won bling it of the month ahead of them, but I’m certainly not complaining that I won, in fact it was big cheesy grins all round!

    Everyone should have a go with the software, and enter a bling it for the competition, it’s a really great tool.

  2. I can’t see what I can do to improve my pictures that would be a positive time v benefit improvement by using Bling it though.. (that doesn’t include improving my initial camera and camera skills of course! )

    Anyone got any ideas?

  3. Lynne the trouble is yours are too good to start with 😛 However I’ll have a go, but no promises you’ll like the result….

    From this

    to this

    took about 30 seconds, it’s not perfect, but it’s an idea of the sort of thing you could do if you wanted.

  4. Your items are already very nice and as they are close up detailed images I feel the simpler the background the better, but I had a go too, I’ve sent them to Chris and if he has the time I’m sure he’ll upload them somewhere, I think that the simple bling backgrounds can still look as good if not better than plain card or paper.

  5. Oh pretty Chris!

    Thank you Jade – the cottages have at least three images, and some of the more complicated pieces up to 10 images, so I don’t want to get into anything time consuming if the profit isn’t going to be worth the extra time…

    I’ll have to play around and see just how much extra time it will add. I’m listing about 15 pieces every day, each one individually photo’d and adjusted…. maybe I’ll just try one for the competition and not worry about ebay!!!

  6. Do you already have to re-size your images before you use them? It’s just that if you do I think that you would find bling it only a heartbeat slower as it has re-size option in the package. Probably just as fast as say Microsoft Photo Editor as you could add a background at the same time as the re-sizing.

    But like I said your images are very good anyway, if you are a volume lister maybe you would reserve the blinging to higher value premium items.

    But anyway I’m not on commission so I’ll stop going on 🙂

  7. The thing I like about Bling! It is that no matter how good the background on your pictures they’re never perfect. Even by removing them and replacing with a blank single colour background and not using any other features enhances the product shot… and as Jade says if you’ve gotta resize anyway why not do it with Bling! It and a couple of seconds to edit at the same time?

    (Jade… no email from you yet – could you resend please?)

  8. OKey dokey..

    finished my workload for the morning … time for lunch… then Bling!

    I’ll be back later for your honest (ha! ) opinions on my elegant artworks…

  9. for ebay use the one thing that the Blingit! developers could usefully do is put a crop tool on for the finished article.

    I’ve just done another simpler one, and needed to trim it down and couldn’t…so I had to import it back into my picture editor and crop it there, which seems to defeat the easy peasy bit…

  10. Hi Lynne, although you can’t crop the final image you can adjust the size, position and rotate your image once the background is cut. In the second tab down of the Compose your picture (stage 2) you can set the final size, and then adjust your image to suit 🙂

  11. I tried that tab, but it just seemed to alter the entire size in proportion… I’ll go and have a look through the help files and see what I did wrong.

    It seemed strange to me not to be able to make such a basic adjustment. I am sure I must just have missed something.

  12. Just noticed that the email I sent you didn’t get to you because I failed to put .co.uk on the end of your email addy… schoolboy error or what! I just re-sent it though.

  13. Yes, it looks very nice and welcoming. I do prefer the blue background for eBay for this particular item though – the contrast shows up the product more clearly, and with vintage china and glass I want the customer to be able to see all the faults clearly. The orange blends into the edges a bit too much for my liking on this particular cottage, but on other colours it would be excellent.

    I want to check the time scales on handling my images in Bling it! and in my normal editor and see how they pan out.

    Will report back later…


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