eBid lifetime membership half-price offer

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eBid are having a sale on their Seller+ Lifetime account. Normally £99.99, the subscription has been cut to £49.99, which gives you:

  • no more insertion fees ever
  • no more final value fees ever
  • up to 5 stores for free
  • no more reserve fees or buynow fees
  • free videos on your listings
  • Google Checkout included free
  • and perhaps most alluring, a free eBid t-shirt!

This is a great deal for those who are or will be selling on eBid, but it’s a time-limited offer: the website says “48 hours only” but doesn’t seem to say when that starts or finishes, so get in quickly if you want the discounted price!

11 Responses

  1. We joined ebid a couple of days ago, prior to this current offer – O’ well that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

    My initially thoughts about listing on ebid, apart from the fact that its now free and forever, is that the buyers are few and far between. The absence of listing fees and FFV means that we can list the exact same items on ebid at a cheaper selling price. Great if there were any buyers on ebid. But wait a minute we get approx 500 buyers every month. Now if these buyers were to learn that next time they want to buy a CD from us they can get the exact same items cheaper on ebid ! – Maybe there will be some buyers crossing the great divide.

    Early days at the moment.

    Just think guys if ebay had made a similar offer before they became the monster they now are, and you could now list for free with no FFV would you have taken up the offer?

    Makes you think!

  2. I f |I remember correctly ebay uk did have a free listing and no FVFs for a few months,

    just about every buyer was from the Us in those days, so we did not take them up on it as it meant listing in £s

  3. Just took a look a ebid for the first time in ages and must say it does look a lot better than it used to. My membership level is set at “Gold” (whatever that means in the current scheme of things) and can upgrade to “Seller+ 365 days” for £59.99 or “Seller+ lifetime” for a fiver???

  4. I’d go for the fiver then Steve!

    (assuming I understand this correctly…) when you upgrade membership, you get previous subscriptions knocked off the upgrade price – so you must have paid for something that cost £44.99 so that the current special offer on lifetime membership will only cost you £5. Sounds like a bargain to me 😆

  5. When I registered “Gold” membership basically meant they had charged your card something like £2.99 to verify your address. You had to do this in order to list anything for sale.



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