5p CLD on eBay UK this Thursday

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As eBay UK’s free Gallery promotion ends today, a new cheap listing day has been announced for this Thursday. On for auctions and BIN listings, regardless of starting price. All other fees, including Gallery, will apply as normal. Multiple item listings in either format are not included. Items listed on eBay UK on 3rd April will not be automatically visible on eBay.com.

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  1. I am sorry but am I the only one tired of seeing these $.01 listing days? Sure, great, we get a discount on the listing. Well, if it is going to be $.01 all the time, just leave it that way and don’t keep raising the darn fees all the time. If not, it just floods the market with junk on those particular days alone and lowers the overall ASP’s for everyone?

    Or maybe I don’t have a clue ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Scott: I feel your pain, and completely agree. I suspect it depends on the area you sell in: low cost/high volume (which I am) areas tend to get overly flooded by these promotions, whereas high cost/low volume, like Whirly’s baths, don’t and so sellers can benefit from listing fee savings without – I suspect – being overwhelmed with a lot of extra listings.

  3. :mrgreen: Beads, I’m not certain, but I’d imagine that some of the jewellery makers who sell bits of stash on eBay do just that, yes. I know for a fact that people have “drawers of stuff for a CLD” – I have half an attic-full myself.


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