60 days grace to save your PowerSeller status

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A little bit of good news for any PowerSellers whose percentage score fell below 98% in the recent feedback recalculations: eBay are giving you 60 days grace to improve things. A on the UK PowerSeller board (valid PS sign-in required) reads:

PowerSellers who have fallen below the minimum PowerSeller requirement (98%) due to the recent recalculation will be given a 60 day grace period during which they will remain in the Programme and have time to improve their score.

5 Responses

  1. In the US Ebay Education Specialists have been given the extra 60 days too. Many of these are not Business/Powersellers but need the percentage to be in the ES programme. Not sure on the UK site though.

  2. Seems ebay didn’t want to take the risk of so many sellers leaving the site because they lost ps discount ……..
    We’ll see how many other “grace periods” get dished out as a “favour” to keep buyers happy …

  3. I used SqareTrade once in the early days, worked but was expensive.

    Is it time for a re-evaluation of this whereby a seller could pay a fee (say £5) for an independent Square Trade worker could look and amend feedback, this would certainly ensure that neutrals and negatives left in error could be quickly sorted out

  4. What a “grace”. This way eBay forces dropped out powersellers to list more items in order to be able to get their feedback to 98% or more again. eBay is all about manipulating users. I dropped from 99.8% to 98.5% as a powerseller but I can’t be bothered any more. Will do my utmost to make my own successful website combined with eBay. That is where eBay sellers should put their energy right now: try to make alternatives work! Difficult but worth the try.


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