International Site Visibility launches, breaks

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eBay’s new International Site Visibility feature launched today, and hundreds of eager sellers were keen to add it to their existing listings and reap the rewards of extra visibility on

Sadly, eBay’s system didn’t want to play, and many sellers who tried to add in the new feature were greeted with this error message:

You recently revised the following eBay listing(s) that included the international site visibility option:

[item number and title]

Unfortunately, as a result of that revision, your listing no longer appears to comply with all of our local policies for the following eBay site(s):


Your listing for [category?] is not allowed.

We have removed international site visibility from your listing. Please note that the fee for this feature will not be credited back to your account.

If you’re able to revise your listing to make it eligible again for international site visibility, you can add it back to your listing at no extra charge.

If you have any questions about local listing policies, please contact Customer Support for that site by clicking “Contact Us” on any Help page.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

eBay Trust & Safety

(Emphasis mine.) Happily, Pink Rona has now that the items are visible on .com despite the message; anyone who finds their item not showing up as expected should contact Customer Support “and your fees will be refunded once investigated.”

16 Responses

  1. There appears to be an issue relating to SIF in searches.

    On looking at SIF items either when there are few results in main search or by clicking on the link, there are many global listings now appearing. To top that off in many cases my full SIF inventory is not showing in those results even when clicking on the all items link.

    On .com my items are there in the SIF results for some but not all, categories. I have yet to check what is or is not there.

    I am not sure what the original eBay intention was, I was not expecting any changes after reading the announcements.

    What with the ISV glitch (and I am still getting the message, whatever the listing success is I have no idea cos I was only scheduling) and the SIF issue, I have suspended both new listing and relists.

    Business plan? do I have one of those?

  2. If you are trying to list using Turbo Lister, it doesn’t work at all.
    So far TL hasn’t yet been updated to include this visibility upgrade option.

  3. Leigh: I’ve seen at least one Pink today comment about TL that it’s going to be behind the SYI form on this one (as it normally is). So for the moment, if you want ISV, you have to list on the site. Pain, I know 🙁

  4. I have listed just 4 auction items tonight.
    I paid for ISV for 3, but not the fourth.

    Guess what? All 4 are showing in main search on .com.

    Didn’t list / relist much tonight cos of the doubts. Should have carried on regardless!

  5. Headaches with listing in CD categories – just aren’t compatible with .com and .ca categories. Guess this applies to quite a few other categories as well

  6. No Sue!
    I want the total number of listings in my cats DOWN!
    More crumbs (and that just about sums it up at the mo) for me.

  7. Sue

    Did that pink give any idea when TL would be updated?

    I want to upload 2000+ listings. ‘a pain’ doesn’t begin to describe listing them manually.

    How are we meant to plan when we are lacking the key facts

    This all seems like the usual eBay ‘having difficulting organising a party in a building that produces beer’ euphemism

  8. when new ebay features are introduced ,I find it astounding that the SYI form that lists a single item is
    updated first
    yet the multi listing tools are days sometimes weeks behind,
    we are not listing at all on any of our IDs at the moment
    as ISV is so important to us

  9. I’m with Northumbrian on this one.

    Sort the bulk uploader first (or at the same time)
    Or don’t launch until it’s all ready
    How difficult can it be?
    There was a 5mb TL update today, appears just to be a New sign-in

    Do eBay not realise, many businesses are holding listings back waiting for this upgrade. (Note to eBay: holding back = not spending money)

  10. Leigh: sorry, I haven’t seen any specific timeframe mentioned. I totally agree with you and North: it’s incomprehensible that it doesn’t all roll out at the same time.

  11. The option seems to have disappeared from the SYI altogether today. I used it yesterday for two items and got the error message but they still showed on .com. Miffed is the word!

  12. The option was there on the SYI when I did some relists this morning?

    Wonder if it is one of those off and on annoying errors?

  13. I tried live chat who first tried to direct me to (why, I’ve no idea) then spouted about if you select international postage it will show on other sites with other international items. He just had no idea. I posted him the help link that explains International Site Visability so he then copied and pasted the info as an answer! It was me who showed him what it was, they just have no idea, no one gives them updates, all they know is what they can look up and even then they need a nudge in the right direction.

  14. @14 “I posted him the help link that explains International Site Visability so he then copied and pasted the info as an answer”

    LMFAO, thanks for posting that….cheered me up, classic.

  15. The good news is that eBay think that ISV is in today’s TL update.
    The bad news is it doesn’t seem to actually be there. It’s in TL help under Listing Upgrades, but it’s certainly not in my Upgrades section 😥

    If anyone can make it work, please let us know!


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