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eBay missed the mark with their “eBay heroes” theme at eBay Live! this year. The usually highly collectable pins were not the hot commodities of previous years. In fact on more than one occasion pinks who would normally be mobbed by eager pin collectors were walking around trying to unload their unwanted badges on uninterested eBayers.

The comic book was even worse, users were supposed to visit the eBay stands in the exhibition hall to gathers stickers which would complete the story to help “remember your own adventure as one of the many Heroes of eBay Live!”. Each eBay stand I visited had piles of stickers left – it appears eBay businesses are largely unimpressed with sticker books and comics.

I think it was a missed opportunity, there were many eBay heroes who were highlighted at the conference – the Hall of Fame members, the Giving Works award winners, the three charities eBay donated a million dollars to, the Educational Specialists… the list is endless. Lorrie Norrington mentioned a seller and a buyer she had traded with who could have been her personal “eBay Heroes”.

Sadly eBay Heroes was limited to collectables that few appeared interested in collecting. It should have been more closely integrated with the awards and speeches rather than relegated to freebies. A nice idea that missed the mark could so easily have been turned into a “Here are this year’s real eBay Heroes“.

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  1. Ebay HEROS what a dozy idea

    every hospital in the world is full of Heros from those suffering to those treating them.
    but someone making money from buying and selling
    I think not!


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