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eBay market researchers Sellerdome have revealed the qualifiers for eBay’s new Diamond PowerSeller status: just two companies will make the grade: and sporting goods retailer . Diamond PowerSellers have to have 98% feedback with 4.8+ on all DSRs, and will need to turn over more than $500,000 a month on eBay.

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  1. It’ll be more than just two I’m pretty sure. Some of the mega sellers split it up over several accounts and I can imagine they’ll accomodate them into this.

  2. There are certainly others who would qualify if it were not for their DSRs on P&P, John, so we’ll see how this motivates those big sellers to change the way they sell.

  3. Volume sellers tend to make most of there profit on P & P so I doubt much will change. I am all for promoting the best sellers etc but surely eBay did some research before hand ?!? whats the point in announcing a new tier when you only have 2 firms who fit the criteria ? unless of course there was a more sinister motive……

    Btw, Poor_Fish look like outstanding sellers, good luck to them for the future…I doubt they need it though.

  4. Also some of them probably have 4.8s on their 30 day dsrs but not their 12 month dsrs so I wonder if they’d get invited or not

  5. I think the point is not who qualifies *now*, but who might be gotten to qualify in the future. Remember that one of the benefits of being a Diamond PS is “pricing structure tailored to your business plan”, so that could be a fairly hefty incentive to qualify.

  6. Fair point Sue. I will let you know in 6 weeks ish what the pricing structure is ,,, my invite can’t be far away now.

  7. Interesting looking at Buy’s feedback – nearly half of their 12 month total is in the last month. Do you think they moved out of their spare bedroom the month before and have ramped up sales as a result? ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. I suppose another way to look at Buy.com is that it is shows that dropshipping can work, according to their prospectus a couple of years ago they carry no stock whatsoever

    Our Business

    We are a leading e-commerce company focused on providing our customers with a
    positive shopping experience and a broad selection of high-quality technology
    and entertainment retail goods at competitive prices. Our easy-to-use website,
    located at http://www.buy.com, provides detailed product information, real-time data
    regarding product availability and order status, and access to our 24-hour
    customer service. We offer approximately two million products identified as
    stock keeping units, or SKUs, including consumer electronics, computer hardware
    and software, cell phones, books, music, video, games, digital music downloads,
    toys and sporting goods. Major brands we offer include Canon, Hewlett-Packard,
    Linksys, Samsung and SanDisk. We outsource a majority of our operating
    infrastructure, including distribution, fulfillment and first-level customer
    service and support, and use our proprietary product sourcing engine to
    effectively integrate with our multiple distribution partners. Our operating
    model minimizes our capital investment requirements, eliminates our need to
    carry inventory and allows us to respond rapidly to product and price changes.
    By taking advantage of these benefits, we believe we are able to offer a broader
    selection of products at competitive prices and operate with lower operating
    expenses than many of our competitors.

  9. Whirly. With the price of your baths, you would only have to sell about 5 a month to qualify.

    A doddle !.

    ; -)



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