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There were around 6,000 seats in the hall, far short of the 10,000 that eBay claim on their banner. Worse still, less than half of the seats were filled. People were leaving during Lorrie Norrington’s speech.

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eBay Live 2008 keynoteeBay Live 2008 keynoteeBay Live 2008 keynote

13 Responses

  1. “People were leaving during Lorrie Norrington’s speech.”

    You must be an idiot to listen to her at the first place but having said that no much fantasy is needed to understand why people left.

    It must be like listening to Ronald McDonald. eBay has become like McDonald’s: Selling Crap.

  2. Markll,

    I think it’s always worth listening to the people who are significant eBay leaders to see what they have to say. Indeed, I would like to think I try to listen to all comers regardless of status. Prejudice is best avoided.

    But it is interesting that so many people left during the keynote. As these pictures show.

  3. I am prejudice, racist, xenophobic ,narrow minded, call it what you will
    when my money, my future and my living are affected,
    cant say I am confident, hope these people are better leaders, than speakers

  4. “Click the pics to embiggen.”

    I love it when people use the word “embiggen”. It’s a perfectly cromulent word. (We now return you to the serious discussion.) 😉

  5. It wasnt exactly rammed packed last year for the keynote speeches but it wasnt as empty as that either.

  6. I read somewhere that JD had his parents in the audience and showed pics of himself as a child after referring to them being there….

    Firstly were they there to swell the numbers?

    And secondly doesn’t anyone at ebay get that they are a business presenting to customers (or family as the case may be)

    Does anyone in that organisation have a clue anymore? Meg Whitman got out at the right time didn’t she?

  7. #9 I no exactly what you mean, it’s like the liberal democrat party have just won the general election and we are seeing the results…. 3 months later,,,everyone is hugging tree’s and riding a push bike…but no bugger is making any money so after 6 months tax goes up 20% and everyone soon realises things were not so bad after all……..bring back Meg!

  8. So glad all those people walked out.
    Wish I was there for the feedback session, I would have stood up with that guy!

  9. E bay clearly does not care about the people who made it so popular they have turned there backs on us making it impossible to make any money selling on that sitr lets say I get a tv wholesale for 450.00 and I try and sell it for 500 dollars after paying paypal and the listing fees on e bay I would make like 15 dollars they would make more money than I would I will never use them again I left and put my store on e bid I contacted my clients and you know what I am actually making as much or more now (SO FAR) my clients didnt seem to mind and they are still with me alot of them said they would boycott e bay permanently too!



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